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Mischioff inspirations

Our collections are very versatile and offer the right carpet for every taste. In our Inspirations section we extensively present special carpets from the various collections. And we also highlight the advantages and significant differences of the individual carpets in the collection.

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About the Mischioff inspirations

This section offers an interesting insight into the unique world of Mischioff carpets:

  • What are the special properties of the carpet?
  • What materials and knotting techniques are used?
  • How did the idea for the carpet design come about and what does it express?
  • What is important when it comes to color design?
  • In short: What characterizes the individual designer carpets?

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The pure joy of life

Tibey TB37

We're cheering up November with a special designer carpet : the Tibey TB37 will be our inspiration of the month. It lies there bright, lively and colorful and exudes pure joy of life.

There are people who dance laughing through the gloomy season and, if necessary, even through the rain. These are people who have so much joy in life that nothing can dampen it. Our Tibey TB37 does the same. He brings happiness and a good mood. He is pure sunshine.

Detail Tibey TB37

One, two, cha-cha-cha

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to weaving , but with the material used here we are very close. The highest quality Chinese silk and Himalayan highland wool are linked together in the loop & cut process so that the best of both materials can work: The wool gives the designer carpet strength and insensitivity, and the slightly higher silk line gives the carpet shine and an extraordinary feel.

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The Cha-Cha-Cha is described as an “amusing and flirtatious flirtation between two dance partners who play with each other in cheeky open and closed figures”. It almost sounds as if Wikipedia is referring to our Tibey carpets instead of a Cuban ballroom dance. Because it is actually the open and closed figures of the Loop&Cut knotting technique that make our Tibey TB37 so special.

The silk line is open, the wool line remains closed - you can easily see this if you look closely. The deeper wool line is monochrome; in our Tibey TB37 it is a warm sand tone, which is also reflected in the higher silk line. The latter also gives the carpet its design with its cheerful colors. Orange, brown, red, yellow, black and light blue jump across the surface seemingly uncontrollably, but they are arranged precisely and, as with all Mischioff carpets, never the result of chance, but always the result of a perfect composition. One, two, cha-cha-cha.

Imagebild Designteppich Tibey Collection, Design TB37

Where joy of life becomes a tradition

And speaking of dancing: You don't have to take the Tibey TB37 out of the way for a happy dance party. Many people's fears that such a high-quality, modern carpet could become damaged or lose its radiance if it is subjected to too much wear and tear are completely unfounded. These rugs are designed specifically for you to dance on for a lifetime. He gives you and the rooms that he is allowed to refine joy of life, satisfaction and the good feeling of having the right dance partner at every moment.

carpet trade for three generations . And since the 90s, the managing duo, Dani and Sascha Misio, have been constantly surprising the carpet world with new and unusual carpet designs , thereby becoming pioneers of modern carpet development. What drives her is the great passion for art and design, the irrepressible desire for new things, for change and, associated with it, a love of life that is reflected in all Mischoff carpets.

Detail Tibey TB37

Nepalese knotting art – fairly traded

Nepal, one of the most fascinating countries in the world, is known and famous for the joy of life of its residents, despite all the uncertainties that life there presents. The Tibey TB37 is created here over months of handwork, knotted by people who have mastered this art so much that the Nepalese art of knotting has achieved world fame. In order for Mischioff carpets to shine and shine, the conditions under which they are produced must also contribute to people's well-being and joy of life.

Mischioff has been working with the Swiss fair trade label STEP for many years, which was created for precisely this reason. STEP employees are on site in the Manufactory and not only monitor the working conditions but also the entire production chain. Further training programs, protective measures in the workplace, ecological production methods and, above all, the right of children to school, these are projects that STEP implements. As a client, Mischioff AG is proud and grateful to be part of this community. Only in this way do the Mischioff fair trade carpets become keepers of tradition and at the same time keep the smiles of the people of Nepal.

Detail Tibey TB37
Tibey TB37