High pile silk carpet Svarga Collection, Design SV07

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This section offers an interesting insight into the unique world of Mischioff carpets:

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  • How did the idea for the carpet design come about and what does it express?
  • What is important in the color design?
  • In short, what distinguishes each design carpets?

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One who aims high

Svarga SV07

The Svarga Collection from the house Mischioff celebrates great success since its first presentation in 2019. Pure silk carpets, high pile, extraordinary in design and colorfulness - each one a work of art of handmade carpet production.

And now a new design carpet joins them, the Svarga SV07. Compared to the other Svarga carpets, it almost seems a bit reserved, but this impression may be deceiving, because the Svarga SV07 is anything but shy.

Detail Svarga SV07

What is to become good takes time

A room can hardly be designed more gracefully and comfortably than with a high pile carpet made of pure silk. Carpets with a fiber length of more than one centimeter are called high pile in the professional world. If the fibers are more than three or four centimeters long, they are called shaggy .

Our Svarga SV07 with a pile height of two centimeters is a real high pile carpet, but still far from a shaggy look. This is due not least to the craftsmanship and the knotting density of 160,000 knots per square meter.

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Knotting a carpet by hand and from pure natural materials, preserving this millennia-old tradition, is diametrically opposed to today's prevailing, rather hectic sense of time. Besides all that makes a high quality carpet, time is the very special ingredient that makes a carpet unique and extraordinary. It is possible for the experienced carpet weavers in the Nepalese Mischioff manufactory to tie about 10,000 knots a day. Just to knot one square meter of our Svarga SV07, more than two weeks are needed. It therefore takes three months to complete the Svarga SV07 in its standard size. Three months of pure knotting work.

Before that, however, the knotting yarn still has to be made, because we always buy only the raw silk and make the yarn ourselves. Likewise, the colors for dyeing the yarns are made ourselves. Only when this work is done and everything is prepared can the tying begin. And then it's time for the finishing. The sides of the carpet are chained and all the fibers are cut to one height. Many more hours are spent washing, drying and stretching the carpet, so that after about four months a Svarga SV07 can finally start its journey to Switzerland and from there to its owner.

High pile silk carpet Svarga Collection, Design SV07

No, he is not shy

The SV07 of our Svarga Collection is made of the best material available today for carpet manufacturing: purest Chinese silk. The silk r ug is handcrafted over months by experienced weavers. The design comes from a duo of designers who enjoy the best reputation worldwide and are loved for their extraordinary creations. A look at Svarga SV07 reveals the masterful: The color scheme is classy, understated and yet the contrast captivates the eye.

The design, the implied stripes, the ornamentation of the central axis, which is visible only at a distance, all this is a bow to the tradition of great carpet art. The radiance that color and design alone trigger is enhanced by the pure silk fiber with its unique shimmer. No, he is not shy, the Svarga SV07. He has all the qualities to teach his owners to fly.

Detail Svarga SV07

Respect and appreciation - fair prices

This time, which is woven into every fiber of the carpet, is an expression of a very special attitude to life, to which every owner of a Mischioff carpet professes. Respect and appreciation for what nature gives us in materials, and no less the respect and appreciation for the people who, with their artistry, are able to weave carpets that give pleasure for a lifetime.

A partner at Mischioff's side for more than a decade has been the certification label STEP from Switzerland. STEP employees are on the ground in Nepal and share with us the responsibility that respect and appreciation are lived everywhere where Mischioff acts as a trader and employer. Not only the people who are directly involved in the production of the fair trade carpets, but also their families and especially the children who are allowed to attend kindergartens and schools benefit from the very good cooperation with STEP.

Detail Svarga SV07
Svarga SV07