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Our collections are very versatile and offer the right carpet for every taste. In our Inspirations section we extensively present special carpets from the various collections. And we also highlight the advantages and significant differences of the individual carpets in the collection.

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About the Mischioff inspirations

This section offers an interesting insight into the unique world of Mischioff carpets:

  • What are the special properties of the carpet?
  • What materials and knotting techniques are used?
  • How did the idea for the carpet design come about and what does it express?
  • What is important when it comes to color design?
  • In short: What characterizes the individual designer carpets?

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Stylish Berber carpet

Marouk MK45

The popular Marouk Collection from Mischioff is enriched by a very special piece of jewelry: the Marouk MK45. A carpet made of pure highland wool that exudes a lot of harmony and expressiveness with its typical Berber pattern and muted color scheme. It decorates modern interiors just as it skilfully highlights rustic ambiences.

The Marouk MK45 is a universally applicable carpet that underlines its owner's preferences for carefreeness and security. Warming wool, solid colors and the exclusivity of every carpet from Mischioff are brought into sensual harmony here.

Detail Marouk MK45

A multifaceted carpet with history

The Berber carpets, once produced by the nomadic peoples of North Africa, have experienced an unstoppable rise in popularity for many decades. Whether in the world of architecture, the interior scene or the international art scene, the symmetry-free motifs of Berber carpets provide a seemingly never-ending source of inspiration everywhere.

wool carpets served the wandering nomads as a warming surface and as shelter for their tents. They were made exclusively from sheep's wool, which is why Berber carpets are still predominantly known today as natural white carpets with subtle patterns.

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The patterns, symbols and symbols in a Berber carpet have been used for many a myth. They are said to have magical powers. And if you ever find yourself a guest of a Berber family in Africa, sit down on the carpet and listen to the stories told to you by the family elder. Or you can decorate your own home with a Marouk MK45 and make it the center of your own stories.


Imagebild Berberteppich Marouk Collection, Design MK45

Magic in quality and design

The center of the African carpet industry is now called Morocco. Carpets are produced there for the world market. The qualities can vary greatly, which is mainly due to the raw material used. The Marouk MK45, like all Mischioff wool carpets, is made in Nepal from pure Tibetan highland wool.

High up in the Himalayas, the sheep literally need “thick skin” to withstand the extreme weather conditions. The wool contains a lot of fat and this fat content remains throughout the entire production process. This is what makes the carpets so high-quality, easy to care for and long-lasting. Even after years of use, the Marouk MK45 retains its protective self-cleaning function.

Detail Marouk MK45

Soft feel and varied look

Thanks to the high quality of wool, the carpets in our Marouk Collection a very soft feel. The knotting with around 93,000 knots per square meter ensures a pleasantly soft hand feel despite the undoubted robustness. The gray basic pile of the Marouk MK45 is made up of countless gray shades, which gives the multicolored pattern additional nuances.

The abrashes (natural color gradients) created by mixing the hand-spun wool reinforce the special expressiveness of this carpet. The diamond patterns combined with black contrast with the gray basic tone and bring liveliness and tension to the asymmetrical pattern.

Detail Marouk MK45
Marouk MK45