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Our service for you

Our greatest concern is to offer our customers and partners the highest quality and the best service. We are committed to your projects and together we will find the perfect carpet for every ambience.

The extensive support of our sales partners and customers as well as a balanced price-performance ratio are a matter of course for us. Thanks to our compact company structure, we are able to respond quickly and without detours to individual customer requests.

We are happy to provide you with our catalogs and various collection brochures to help you select carpets from our diverse collections. Quality samples of our modern design carpets are available at any time upon request, we look forward to your inquiry !


Careful quality control

Mischioff Brand Carpet stand for exceptional quality. We pay particular attention to using the highest quality materials such as highland wool from the Himalayas and the finest silk.

To ensure high quality, every carpet ordered from our Manufactory in Nepal is first sent to the Mischioff central warehouse near Zurich before being sent to customers around the world.

All carpets are subjected to detailed and strict quality control by the Mischioff team. Only those that meet the high Mischioff quality standards find their way to the customer.

Tibey Collection, Design TB36
Imagebild Designteppich Tibey Collection, Design TB36
Sichouk Collection, Design SI46
Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI46
Nilanda Collection, Design NI45
Imagebild Designteppich der Nilanda Collection, Design NI45
Svarga Collection, Design SV02
Hochflor Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV02
Mamlin Collection, Design MA17
Imagebild Designteppich Mamlin Collection, Design MA17
Marouk Collection, Design MK50
Imagebild Berberteppich Marouk Collection, Design MK50
Circlism Collection, Design C05
Imagebild Designteppich Circlism Collection, Design C05

Care instructions – How to optimally care for your Mischioff carpets!

The exclusive use of the highest quality, natural materials guarantees the high quality of the carpets from Mischioff. Thanks to the careful knotting by hand by experienced weavers, the carpets are very robust and easy to care for. To ensure you enjoy your carpet for as long as possible, please follow the following care instructions:

Vacuum regularly

Thorough vacuuming ensures, on the one hand, that dust and dirt particles are effectively removed, and on the other hand, the natural fibers of the carpets are ventilated and smoothed.

Please only vacuum the carpet lengthwise and crosswise regularly with a flat nozzle and without a brush attachment so that no wool and silk fibers come loose.


Professional carpet cleaning

contacting a professional carpet cleaning company such as Knecht GmbH

With professional carpet cleaning, even the most stubborn dirt can be removed and almost every carpet will look like new again.

Stain removal

When removing stains, acting quickly is the key to success. Liquids can be absorbed with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. Solid dirt can be loosened with the back of a knife and then vacuumed off.

For larger amounts of dirt, please only use pH-neutral soap or stain remover suitable for wool, wash the cleaned surface with lukewarm water and dry the area with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. Under no circumstances should you use harsh stain removers such as turpentine, petrol or ammonia.

Damage to the carpet

Over the course of use, individual wool and silk fibers in the carpet can come loose. Please do not pull out these protruding fibers, but carefully cut off the protruding ends with scissors.

If there is major damage to the carpet, such as tears or holes, we recommend professional carpet repair, which is available from specialist retailers and also from various carpet cleaning companies. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you and recommend a selection of specialist shops.


Detailfoto Designteppich Tibey TB36

Mischioff carpets – a world full of magic and beauty

The Mischioff carpets not only enchant rooms, but also the people who live in the rooms. No matter whether it is office space, public spaces or completely private living spaces. A Mischioff carpet turns every room into a comfort space.