Uniteppich Svarga Plain ARS 4I17

Svarga Plain Collection

The Svarga Plain Collection is the most luxurious carpet line of our section Mischioff Plain . These unique carpets are made of pure silk and have a pile height of about 20 millimeters.

The long-pile silk pampers the senses in two ways: visually with its irresistible sheen and haptically with its incomparably soft surface. The Svarga Plain high pile carpets are thereby completely tailored to individual needs.

In addition to standard basic colors, the matching shade can be freely selected from our 1,400 color palette. The carpets are made to the customer's personal dimensions and can thus be ideally adapted to the respective furnishing objects. Discover this impressive and noble carpet collection and its outstanding product features!

Svarga Plain ARS 1A20
Uniteppich Svarga Plain ARS 1A20

Luxury uni rugs made from 100% finest silk

Silk is not without reason also called the white gold of China. The natural fiber convinces with its unique properties and inspires lovers of precious home accessories all over the world.

Silk not only offers a unique luster, but at the same time is a very pleasant gentle fiber. A carpet made of pure silk is undoubtedly one of the most noble floor coverings.

The long pile Svarga Plain carpets offer an incomparably noble and soft feel. Thanks to the natural sheen, the plain carpets have an iridescent look depending on the angle of view.

With a Svarga Plain you create a varied living ambience. Despite, or perhaps because of its monochromaticity, the carpet becomes a fabulous eye-catcher.

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High pile silk carpet as a haptic experience

The special feature of the Svarga Plain Collection is definitely the high silk pile. The surface of the carpets is incomparably soft and creates a cozy, extremely homey living atmosphere.

The regular pile height for our other Uni carpet collections such as Thaila Plain is 9 - 10 millimeters. In the Svarga Plain carpets, the pile is twice as high with about 20 millimeters and thus provides a unique haptic experience.

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Especially barefoot, the high pile carpets are a real pleasure. Not least because of this Svarga Plain carpets are very popular for use in the bedroom, but also in the cozy living area.

High pile gives rooms a maximum of comfort and transforms them into inviting zones. Moreover, high pile carpets optimize acoustics due to sound absorbing as well as impact sound absorbing functions. They provide warmth and enrich any interior with their cozy charm.

Knüpferin Nepal

Finest silk for exclusive luxury products

For the Svarga Plain Collection we use the finest Chinese silk with its outstanding properties. The supple surface structure ensures the particularly soft feel and contributes significantly to the pleasant walking sensation.

The sheen of the silk and the brilliant color rendering set visual stimuli. The natural fiber silk absorbs color pigments well when dyed and makes every nuance shine. Depending on the viewer's angle, the silk carpets shimmer individually and create a varied ambience.

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In addition to the optical and haptic advantages, silk inspires with an extremely high strength. Although silk is considered a rather sensitive fiber, it is extremely tear-resistant and thus very durable. The silk is processed by hand into an elegant carpet, according to traditional craftsmanship.

Around 125,000 knots per square meter ensure a dense and firm pile. The fine density is combined with a high own weight of the carpets of about 5 kilograms per square meter, which makes them slip-resistant and provides reliable grip.

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Elegant silk carpets - fair trade

All production steps are done by hand, including the spinning and dyeing of the fibers, the knotting of the carpets and the time-consuming finishing.

Experienced knotters create very durable and robust Nepal carpets using the traditional Tibetan knot as a knotting technique. The result is perfectly refined home accessories for the highest demands.

We make our carpets entirely according to the individual ideas of our customers and partners. Size, color(s) and material can be chosen flexibly.

Individuality is our strength - a Mischioff carpet should always be ideally suited to the spatial conditions and fit perfectly into the interior design ambience.

As a long-standing partner of the independent fair trade label STEP, fair working conditions, fair wages and environmentally conscious and sustainable manufacturing are our top priorities. The fair trade guidelines apply to all collections from our company - so that a Mischioff carpet is always a genuine fair trade product.

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Uniteppich Svarga Plain ARS1A20

Informative and Service for private interested parties

You would like to convince yourself in advance of the color, material and feel? We will be happy to provide you with hand samples of our carpets and advise you in detail on the selection of the ideal carpet.

To visualize the effect of our carpets directly in the room, use our virtual sampling service. Using photos, we visualize carpets within the existing furnishings and let your rooms shine in new splendor.

For selection and detailed advice, we are also available in our large Showroom in Embrach near Zurich. Find out about our services now or send us a non-binding inquiry!

As a manufacturer, we exclusively supply the specialized trade and do not offer direct sales. Via our retailer search you have the possibility to find a regional distribution partner very close to you, through whom you can purchase our modern carpets.

Uniteppich Svarga Plain ARS 4I17

Mischioff Carpets – a world full of magic and beauty

The Mischioff carpets enchant not only rooms, but also the people who live in them. No matter whether it is an office space, a public space or a completely private living space. A Mischioff carpet turns any room into a living space.