Silk carpet Sichouk Collection, Design SI43

Mischioff Collection

Experience how a designer rug can transform and perfect your living or office space. In the Mischioff Collection you will find the right floor accessory for every room and every function.

Treasures of pure silk, which with its luster and incomparable feel make any room an oasis of well-being. Or a pure wool carpet, which is equally robust but no less graceful, can unfold its splendor in more heavily trafficked areas.

Each collection has its own signature, picks up its own thematic world and differs in the knotting, the materials used, the quality and accordingly in its appearance.

The Mischioff carpet catalog

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Dream living ambience through Mischioff designer carpets

With the experience of four generations in the carpet trade, Mischioff AG sets new standards for the exclusive production of hand-knotted carpets.

The designer duo Dani and Sascha Misio , esteemed in professional circles, who are not only brothers, but also the CEOs of Mischioff , have created a world of elegance and modernity with their carpet collections, which delight carpet lovers worldwide.

Art, architecture and furniture design are sources of inspiration for the Mischioff rugs, which always bear the unique signature of the Misio brothers.

Patterns, shapes, colors and the always optimally matching material combine to create carpets and lifelong companions. Discover the diversity of our modern carpet collections and be inspired by unique carpets.

Tibey Collection, Design TB36
Image image design carpet Tibey Collection, design TB36
Sichouk Collection, Design SI46
Silk carpet Sichouk Collection, Design SI46
Nilanda Collection, Design NI45
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI45
Svarga Collection, Design SV02
High pile silk carpet Svarga Collection, Design SV02
Mamlin Collection, Design MA17
Image image design carpet Mamlin Collection, design MA17
Marouk Collection, Design MK50
Image image Berber carpet Marouk Collection, design MK50
Circlism Collection, Design C05
Image image design carpet Circlism Collection, design C05

Modern carpets from the best natural materials

In all Mischioff carpets, pure natural materials such as high-quality highland wool from the Himlalaya and the finest silk from China are the main players. Sometimes they appear in pure form, sometimes as a mix.

However, the highest quality of the end product is always the goal. Hand knotted, all pieces are manufactured in their own carpet factories in Nepal under fair conditions.

Your desired size and format is our freestyle, which we put into practice with precision and a lot of craftsmanship.

Detail photo silk carpet Sichouk SI50

Designer carpets from the finest silk

Unsurpassed in radiance and luster are the pure silk carpets of the Sichouk and Svarga Collection. Wherever the highest demands must be met, the silk carpets are a guarantee for fulfillment. Brilliant colors for the eyes and a caressing feeling for the feet make these carpets a real experience.

Those who do not want to do without the silk in the surface, but are looking for a more robust ground, will find happiness with the carpets of the Tibey Collection. Using a special knotting technique, wool and silk are processed in equal parts, creating works of art that combine the best of both materials.

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Versatile design models for every taste

A special eye-catcher are the Nilanda-carpets, which are knotted in a complex procedure from wool and silk. This is the only way to create true works of art for the floor.

The Mamlin models, on the other hand, are inspired by striped paintings in oil by the chief designer Dani Misio . Colors fresh from nature result in compositions that invite you to dream and dive.

For demanding projects, pure wool carpets are the best of all solutions due to their robust character.

The wool carpets of the Circlism Collection are always a masterpiece of the art of knotting. There is circle after circle up to the perfect work of art.

Decorative and also made of pure highland wool, the carpets of the Marouk Collection enhance any interior and are an eye-catcher everywhere with their robust look in the style of nomadic Berber carpets.

Be inspired by the versatility of the Mischioff Collection and discover the benefits of our collections.

Detail photo design carpet Tibey TB36

Informative and service for private interested parties

You are a private carpet lover and interested in Mischioff's design objects? Use our retailer search and let us inform you about sales partners in your area! Or visit our showroom and discover the great variety of our collections.

You will find numerous inspirations in our current catalog, which we will send you free of charge within a few working days. To select the ideal carpet, we support you with samples or our virtual sampling to illustrate our modern carpets directly in your interior.