Uniteppich Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A01-ARS1E10

Plain Carpets create a timeless elegance

Plain Carpets create stylish dream homes .

Why plain carpets?

Patterned floor coverings, whether parquet, tiles or carpets, often appear restless and limit the choice of furniture if a harmonious overall picture is to be maintained. Plain-colored carpets, on the other hand, radiate calm and offer the best foundation for experimental interior design endeavors.

This means that eye-catching pieces of furniture can be easily combined. Plain rugs are timeless, modern and suitable for all interior styles. In addition to being “simple,” a plain rug can also be “eye-catching.”

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As a splash of color, Plain Carpets in strong colors such as green, orange, red or purple make statements. With our Plain Carpets you will create both reserved oases of calm as well as inviting and fascinatingly eye-catching rooms. Check out our Mischioff collections. If you have any questions or requests, we will be happy to advise you.

Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A01-ARS4H17
Uniteppich Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A01-ARS4H17
Shaggy Plain ARS G181
Shaggy Plain ARS G181
Thaila Plain G077 silk
Uniteppich rund Thaila Plain G077 silk
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Uniteppich Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A11-ARS4J01
Shaggy Plain ARS I010
Shaggy Plain ARS I010
Thaila Plain T292
Uniteppich Thaila Plain T292

Trend colors for Plain Carpets

Colors play a central role in interior design. Whether used as a statement or to set the mood for unique theme worlds - different color schemes are available depending on the living feeling you want to create in the rooms to be furnished.

Plain Carpets look particularly harmonious when their color is chosen to match the wall design or other fixed elements of the room. Contact us for color and fabric samples to support your planning.

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Selection of plain carpet collections

Discover our versatile plain rug collections, which we present in detail on our website.

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Plain Carpets create different worlds

Shades of blue like petrol: The blue color spectrum is incredibly diverse. Bring the freshness of the mountains and the clarity of the lakes into your hotel room or your own four walls by choosing a carpet from the color spectrum gray, blue to petrol.

Earth tones: You can bring peace into your rooms with earth tones. Restrained beige and brown tones lend themselves to a break in style through eye-catching pieces of furniture. Especially in contrast to strong pinks, reds, greens, mustards and blues, lighter earth tones such as cream and beige offer peace to the eye.

Olive and old pink: If the carpet itself is to become a statement, soft colors are suitable for monotonous gray furniture. Olive or a touch of old pink already have a stylish effect when combined with furniture made from plain, simple tones such as gray, beige and cream.

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A question of material and workmanship

Robust or luxurious material? In addition to the color, the material also plays a crucial role in the room design. You can get monochrome plain rugs from Mischioff made from the highest quality materials. In addition to robust wool, you can also use luxurious silk. The natural materials stand for quality and are processed by hand in the Mischioff Manufactory in Nepal.

Whether short-pile rug, plain, small or large living areas, wool or silk - the collections of the two designers Dani and Sascha Misio are available in the desired size and in your preferred color.

Touch your desired carpet before ordering - upon request you will receive quality and color samples with which you can convince yourself of the high-quality and soft feel of the plain carpet collections.

Mischioff is a long-standing partner of the fair trade label STEP. This qualification stands for fair and sustainable production of all handmade unique pieces. Find out more about our production and the guidelines for fair trade carpets .

Plain rugs from Mischioff are available and suitable for:

  • Classic elegance
  • Minimalist interior style
  • Boho and vintage style furnishings
  • Architecturally striking old buildings
  • Magnificent hotel rooms
  • High quality feel

Plain colored carpets from Mischioff are also available in different shapes. From round carpets for smaller seating areas to large, room-filling carpets for more coziness in the living room and fireplace room. The plain carpet is a true all-rounder.

Uniteppich rund Thaila Plain G077 Seide

Insights into the production of our fair trade carpets

Plain Carpets from the Mischioff Collection

Elegance arises where simplicity and restraint predominate. We offer various types of high-quality Plain Carpets in our Mischioff Plain . Discover the variety and versatility of our high-quality, hand-knotted carpets .

All Plain Carpets can be ordered in the desired size and color. Using various knotting, material and dyeing techniques, our Plain Carpets have an elegant and at the same time lively character.

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Varied changes create unique effects; depending on the angle of view and the incidence of light, fascinating facets emerge. Rustic wool carpets, exclusive silk carpets, uniquely soft deep-pile carpets – our plain carpet collections offer the right model for every taste and furnishing style. But take a look for yourself and browse through our collections .

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Are you a furniture or carpet retailer and would like to add Mischioff Plain Carpets to your range? We would be happy to inform you about our diverse collections! We invite you to register for our online catalog , which offers you insight into the wide variety of our products.

If you have any questions or require further information, we are happy to help you via our contact form , by telephone or at any time by email .

Do you need help choosing plain carpets? If you have any questions or requests, you can use our contact form. We would be happy to advise you in detail and, as part of our service, inform you about materials, production, colors and all other questions about your future plain carpet. Simply contact us.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by email or telephone. We look forward to your inquiry!