Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI43

Sichouk Collection

Silk - a gentle caress on the skin combined with a delicate sheen. The carpets of the Sichouk Collection love the light and play with every fiber with the sun's rays.

With a sense of intricate detail, Dani and Sascha Misio designed the world of Sichouk Collection , which shows an exciting journey through the history of carpet design. Classic and modern elements merge with each other to create novel, expressive compositions.

Each model has its very own character with an individual interplay of original nuances. The diverse designs of the collection - from classic to modern - offer a wide selection for international carpet lovers with the highest standards and the desire for a very special feeling.

Sichouk Collection, Design SI53
Einrichtungsbild Seidenteppich Sichouk SI53
Sichouk Collection, Design SI51
Einrichtungsbild Seidenteppich Sichouk SI51
Sichouk Collection, Design SI50
Einrichtungsbild Seidenteppich Sichouk SI50
Sichouk Collection, Design SI49
Einrichtungsbild Seidenteppich Sichouk SI49
Sichouk Collection, Design SI48
Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI48
Sichouk Collection, Design SI47
Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI47
Sichouk Collection, Design SI46
Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI46
Sichouk Collection, Design SI44
Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI44
Sichouk Collection, Design SI42
Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI42

Elegant design carpets from 100 percent silk

The creative masterpieces of Sichouk Collection are characterized by pure elegance and bright colors. In order to skilfully stage the complex designs, only the best Chinese silk is used, which allows several senses to dance at the same time.

The fine silk fibers bring out the selected colors perfectly and invite you to stretch out on it. The pile owes its luxurious charm to the soft shimmer of the fibres. The careful manual work contributes significantly to the high quality of the noble silk carpets .

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Sichouk Silk carpets are the icing on the cake for the luxurious interior

The pure silk carpets of the Sichouk Collection are a liaison between expressive colors and contrasts that feel comfortable with any furnishing style.

Its shiny surface structure and the soft feel that you won't let go of with a pile height of up to approx. 8-9 millimeters create an exclusive ambience. The large selection of designs offers the right carpet for every taste, every project and every requirement.

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Whether industrial chic, retro, mid-century or minimalism, representative architectural office, hotel industry or living space. Unusual color combinations with striking patterns are equally represented as harmonious shades with soft transitions.

Whether sand-colored with wine red for a warm overall impression, mysterious medallions with mystical choice of colors, even structure or seemingly random color gradients: The Sichouk Designer carpets inspire with sophistication and expressive character. Set accents with an exclusive silk carpet from the house Mischioff and be inspired by the artistic designs!

Detailfoto Seidenteppich Sichouk SI23

Silk as a natural quality guarantor

Silk is one of the most enchanting natural products our planet has to offer. With its unique shine, it impresses in any color combination and its structure promotes a very soft pile. Optical as well as haptic charms that make carpets of the extra class.

However, the advantages of the material are often underestimated. In addition to its fascinating sheen, the natural fiber has a high strength and enables the most brilliant colors. It is extremely tear-resistant, hard-wearing and keeps its shape. Perfect conditions for the carpet industry and our design carpets.

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In addition, silk impresses with its natural elegance and, depending on the incidence of light and perspective, ensures that the designs are perceived individually. The result is a carpet that never looks the same and changes with the change of the entire room.

In addition, the fineness of the fiber enables a high knot density. This in turn is responsible for a relaxing feeling underfoot and the high weight of the hand-knotted carpets . Reliable support can also come softly.

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Pure handwork for perfect results

Exclusive materials alone are not enough to achieve premium quality. Know-how, experience and care are also elementary ingredients for outstanding results. The experienced weavers in the Mischioff Carpet manufacturers realize the designs of the Nepal carpets exactly according to the knotting pattern. Everyone Sichouk Carpet is lovingly handcrafted over months.

The fine silk fibers are knotted by hand with around 160,000 knots per square meter. This fine quality can not only be seen, but also felt.

The fact that luxury and fair trade are not mutually exclusive is demonstrated by our long-standing cooperation with the fair trade label STEP. Fair wages, good working conditions and environmentally friendly manufacturing are a matter of course at our certified factories.

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Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI23

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Sichouk Carpets are available in various sizes and colors directly from stock. In addition, the diverse designs can be ordered individually and are also made in desired size as a custom carpet.

You can find more inspiration in our current catalog, which we will send you free of charge within a few working days. To select the ideal carpet, we support you with samples or our virtual sampling to illustrate our modern carpets directly in your interior.

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Mischioff Carpets – a world full of magic and beauty

The Mischioff carpets enchant not only rooms, but also the people who live in them. No matter whether it is an office space, a public space or a completely private living space. A Mischioff carpet turns any room into a living space.