Marouk Plain Teppiche Einrichtungsbild

Marouk Plain Collection

The Marouk Plain Collection is an enrichment of the assortment of hand-knotted uni-carpets from the house Mischioff.

Our Marouk Plain carpets achieve a lively overall impression with refined shades, instead of boring with monotony. The processing of high-quality highland wool guarantees durability through hard-wearing structures.

The lower knot density compared to other collections allows in turn shortened delivery times and attractive prices. Discover the fascinating colors and benefit from timeless elegant premium carpets!

Marouk Plain Teppiche Einrichtungsbild

Exclusive plain carpets available to order in custom size

Monochrome carpets are often associated with boredom. With Marouk Plain Collection , the carpet manufacturer Mischioff opens up a world far removed from monotony. Thanks to an innovative dyeing technique, Marouk Plain variants feature characteristic color gradients and shades. They create an exciting look that perfectly rounds off sophisticated interiors without overloading them.

The Marouk Plain color chart includes 16 selected basic colors. If the right shade for your project is not included, you can choose your favorites from another 1,400 colors. Order plain carpets in standard sizes or order custom-made unique pieces! The possibilities for individualization are manifold.

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Timeless carpet classics

The high demand for plain carpets is not by chance. The home accessories set accents, but can be flexibly integrated into any room. They are unobtrusive, timeless and ideal for tasteful interiors.

The Mischioff Marouk Plain line combines the advantages of unicolored quality carpets with a lively look. The difference is made by the technique of dyeing: By dyeing the wool several times, the color shades do not remain monochrome, but offer different nuances playing with each other within the selected base color.

Sixteen basic shades: stylish colors staged in an original way

The individual color gradients produce a varied structure. The result is an optical dynamic with soft shades. The 16 colors in the Marouk Plain color chart include a refreshing turquoise blue that promises Caribbean flair and radiates joie de vivre. But warm earth tones for natural chic and cool gray for luxurious staging are also represented. Both light and dark shades are available.

Do you need a special gradation for a project or a completely different color to skilfully round off the range of products offered by your specialist retailer? We will be happy to determine a solution tailored to your needs from 1,400 alternative shades. Contact us!

Vorbereitung der Highland Wool

High quality virgin wool for solid quality

For the production of Marouk Plain carpets pure new wool from the Himalayas is processed. The natural fiber inspires with the best material properties. It is robust, durable, easy to clean, temperature-balancing and odor-inhibiting.

In addition to the room climate, the room acoustics benefit: wool carpets absorb sound and thus help to reduce the noise level. Wool also has a positive visual and haptic effect

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Firstly, due to the high content of wool wax. It makes the natural fiber dirt-repellent, which reduces the sensitivity to stains to a minimum without any chemical additives. Carefully processed high pile wool carpets remain spotless for many years. On the other hand, qualitative highland wool promotes a soft feel and an inviting pile.

You can use the hand-knotted carpets even in heavily frequented premises. With their stability and robustness, they can withstand the daily rigors.

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Competent manufacture with outstanding price-performance ratio

Marouk Plain Carpets are lovingly handcrafted from dyeing to knotting to strict quality control. As with the extremely popular Marouk Collectionwhich picks up traditional Berber carpet motifs, the Tibetan knot is used at Marouk Plain . The elaborate knotting technique with around 93,000 knots per square meter ensures the best quality.

Despite the coarser weave, the pile is very dense and robust and allows faster production. Even custom-made products can be realized in a short time with a convincing price-performance ratio.

Our Marouk Plain carpets are made to measure according to customer specifications. If you need an unusual format, for example a square or even round carpet, this is of course also possible.

Every carpet from our manufactory in Nepal is handmade under fair conditions. Controlled and certified by the independent Fair Trade Label STEP we take social responsibility. Learn more about Nepalese carpet manufacturing and the importance of fair products!

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Informative and Service for private interested parties

As a private carpet lover, you can use the retailer search to find a carpet retailer and Mischioff sales partners in your area. Or visit our Showroom - on site you will receive competent advice and experience handmade Nepalese carpets with all your senses. We will gladly send you free samples to get an impression of materials, colors and feel.

An overview with all available colors as well as the current stock can be found in the Mischioff online catalog. There you can also get an overview of all collections and the corresponding designs. Register without obligation and dive into the fascinating world of our branded carpets!


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