Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI38

Nilanda Collection

Sophisticated designs, formed from the finest silk, accented with high quality highland wool - the Nilanda Collection fascinates with its magnificent charm.

With their fine sense for designs and colors, Dani and Sascha Misio have created this extraordinary collection, which takes up both abstract and traditional carpet art and has design models to suit every interior style.

Creative Nilanda carpets, as picturesque works of art, will satisfy the most demanding interior projects. The luxurious carpets promote a modern ambience and significantly contribute to cozy spaces.

Nilanda Collection, Design NI44
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI44
Nilanda Collection, Design NI45
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI45
Nilanda Collection, Design NI39
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI39
Nilanda Collection, Design NI34
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI34
Nilanda Collection, Design NI26
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI26
Nilanda Collection, Design NI43
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI43
Nilanda Collection, Design NI41
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI41
Nilanda Collection, Design NI40
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI40
Nilanda Collection, Design NI35
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI35
Nilanda Collection, Design NI25
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI25
Nilanda Collection, Design NI33
Imagebild Design carpet of the Imagebild Design carpet of the Nilanda Collection, Design NI33

Artful designs from silk and wool

The designer carpets of the Nilanda Collection are created purely by hand, mixing the finest silk with a small amount of high-quality Himalayan highland wool. This is used as a subtle style element to draw the complex designs from silk and emphasize the contrasts.

Classic elements merge with modern ones to create magnificent, novel and expressive arrangements. Whether industrially staged loft, minimalist office or luxurious villa in the idyll. Thanks to the diversity of design, any style can be skillfully rounded off.

The Mischioff carpet catalog

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Medallions, playful ornaments or even abstract artworks

While some Nilanda models have a concise pattern, others have been completely omitted. Among other things, a mysterious dynamic is created by variants with a medallion.

Mirrored figures, which attract the full attention of the viewer, are equally represented as traditional-looking ornaments and give the impression of a vintage carpet.

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The alternatives are detached from any graphic order. These carpet designs do not follow any scheme, which on the one hand creates a particularly natural look. On the other hand, they stimulate the imagination and inspire friends of abstract art.

The subtle, mostly pastel colors of the design carpets form gentle color transitions and create successful compositions that blend harmoniously into a tasteful interior.

Filigree structures with blue shades, warm earth tones and colorful mixtures in noble pastel colors are just a small selection of the looks. However, all Nilanda designs have one thing in common: decorative contrasts that transform every carpet into an eye-catcher.

Detail Nilanda NI01

Exclusive carpets create a modern living ambience

Each branded carpet of our Nilanda Collection is carefully hand-knotted to guarantee maximum quality. Several months pass between knotting, finishing and final quality control.

With great attention to detail, real works of art are created for the floor, which inspire for a lifetime. Due to the high-quality materials and the careful processing, the carpets are not only a visual highlight. They also guarantee unique haptic experiences.

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The high silk content of about 70-80 percent is responsible for an exclusive sheen and a soft pile that only an exquisite silk carpet can offer. The surface feels soft and inviting.

The highland wool from the Himalayas, on the other hand, gives the Nilanda Collection durability and longevity. The high-quality wool not only promotes the easy-care character, the carpets are also accentuated visually and haptically.

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Best materials and careful craftsmanship for outstanding features

Silk and highland wool form a strong partnership to perfectly set the scene for the Mischioff designs. In addition, the elaborate knotting technique with Tibetan knot contributes to the exclusive aura of the hand-knotted carpets.

Around 160,000 knots per square meter guarantee robust structures and a high dead weight, which in turn is associated with maximum slip resistance.

Mischioff assumes social responsibility, is committed to fair wages and good working conditions, and attaches great importance to sustainability - this is also demonstrated by its long-standing partnership with the fair trade label STEP.

Find out now about fair trade manufacturing and the benefits of Nepalese fair trade rugs.

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Informative and service for private interested parties

You are a private carpet lover and interested in an exclusive design model of our Nilanda Collection? Via our retailer search you can look for distribution partners in your area - likewise we are at your disposal as contact person for a non-binding expert advice. Visit our showroom and discover the great variety of our collections.

You have already discovered some favorites for yourself? We will gladly send you free carpet samples or support you with our virtual sampling to make the decision easier. Creative ideas and many more carpet designs can be found in our current catalog. In addition to the usual standard sizes, we realize all designs of the Nilanda Collection as individual made-to-measure carpets.

Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI01

The versatile Mischioff product world

Discover the special variety of our modern carpet collections. No matter which room you want to give that certain something - Mischioff-carpets convince in every place of this world by their adaptability and their variety of possible areas of application.

Divided into the main categories Collection and Plain we present you different styles, designs and patterns. Experience Mischioff, learn to love the carpets and indulge yourself with an experience that sets new standards.