Uniteppich Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A01-ARS1E10

Mischioff Plain

Elegance is created where simplicity and restraint prevail. This is exactly the case in our section Mischioff Plain . Clear structures and distinguished monochromaticity give these carpets a lot of calm and charisma.

Plain rugs can emphasize a modern ambience, but equally they can skillfully underline a certain playfulness and colorfulness in the interior.

Effects and slight oscillations are possible in these carpets through material mixtures and dyeing techniques, but always they act only as a touch, a slight movement that never disturbs the power of tranquility that is such a carpet.

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Timeless and elegant home companions

Thanks to their timeless grace and delicacy in craftsmanship, high-quality plain carpets never lose their charisma. Thus, they become lifelong companions that, despite their monochromaticity, are anything but monotonous.

All plain carpets can be ordered in desired size and color. They are made exactly according to customer specifications, only in this way they can perfect the space intended for them and form a harmonious whole with the architecture and furnishings.

Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A01-ARS4H17
Uniteppich Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A01-ARS4H17
Shaggy Plain ARS I010
Shaggy Plain ARS I010
Marouk Plain Teppiche Einrichtungsbild
Thaila Plain G077 silk
Uniteppich rund Thaila Plain G077 silk
Shaggy Plain ARS G181
Shaggy Plain ARS G181
Svarga Plain ARS 1A20
Uniteppich Svarga Plain ARS 1A20
Tibey Uni Various
Uniteppich Tibey Uni Various

Plain carpets from the best natural materials

The carefully selected natural materials are processed by hand into high-quality carpets. Highland wool from the Himalayas and finest silk from China serve as the basis for all our collections.

Whether as a pure wool carpet, silk blend or pure silk carpet - always a carpet from our section Mischioff Plain will convince with its elegance and tantalizingly enhance any interior.

Uniteppich Thaila Plain T372

Material mixtures and special knotting techniques

If you like it a little varied, you are exactly right with a plain carpet of the Thaila Plain Collection is exactly the right choice. By mixing materials and a special dyeing technique, fascinating color gradients and subtle color gradations are created, which give the carpet a slightly iridescent look. Thus, the carpet gains liveliness, but without losing its elegance.

In the Tibey Uni Collection two basic colors are used, which are processed by a special knotting technique to a unique uni carpet. Without a doubt, the Tibey models are a highlight of our uni carpet collections.

Two colors and two materials - 50% highland wool and 50% finest silk - are combined into one and unfold all their fascination through the play of light and shadow. Any modern interior will be accentuated by such a carpet very special.

Fachberatung im Mischioff Showroom

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Pure silk pile carpets

A unique highlight are the carpets of our Svarga Plain Collection. In their exclusivity, the high pile carpets are hard to beat and enchant with their shiny surface, which is further emphasized by the delicate feel.

These high pile masterpieces need space to unfold and let every carpet connoisseur revel with their dreamlike charisma. Anyone who has experienced a room with one of these carpets will appreciate the radiance and grace of such carpet art.

Robust home companions: uni rugs made of wool

The carpets of the Marouk Plain Collection are made of pure, very high quality highland wool - so they can easily be used in more heavily trafficked areas and still look classy even after years.

The individual play of colors lends the unicolored carpets that certain something.

In addition to numerous standard colors, a further 1,400 different colors and shades are available for color selection.

The collection offers beautiful color games, which are created by the repeated dyeing of the processed wool. The knotting is somewhat coarser compared to other collections, giving the carpets a deliberately rustic look with Vintage effect.

With around 93,000 knots per square meter, the Marouk Plain carpets have a gentle yet easy-to-clean texture. As pure wool carpets, they are the perfect solution wherever that little bit more rustic and robust is desired and perhaps the sound-insulating effect of pure wool is also required.

Uniteppich Marouk-Plain-ARS4M06

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