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Wool carpets create a cozy atmosphere

A wool carpet is a real all-rounder: it creates a cozy atmosphere, is naturally stain-resistant and has a very soft surface. In addition, it is easy to maintain, durable and also looks good.

The material makes the difference

For many centuries, the raw material wool has been used for the production of high-quality home textiles. Clothes, blankets, pillows, curtains and even carpets were and are made of the robust natural material.

The natural properties of virgin sheep's wool give them distinct advantages over synthetic fibers. Wool is significantly more robust and durable than man-made materials. Therefore, it is ideal for carpet production - whether high pile carpet made of wool, as a round wool carpet or Berber carpet made of wool.

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In addition, the wool is said to have a self-cleaning property. It is the reason that a wool carpet remains as beautiful as on the first day for many years. This is due to lanolin, a wool wax found in wool. It acts like a natural protective layer. Dirt and stains have no chance. That is why a wool carpet is also suitable for the dining area, where sometimes something can go wrong.

Heavily trafficked residential or commercial areas are also best equipped with a wool carpet. A wool carpet in the living room provides more comfort, because with a wool carpet you bring nature into your home. A carpet made of pure new wool also feels high-quality under the feet.

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Imagebild Designteppich Circlism Collection, Design C23
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Easy care and durable wool carpet

Carefully processed virgin wool carpet made of high quality material is very easy to clean. Regular vacuuming is enough to clean and maintain it. The wool fibers are thereby aired and smoothed, so that neither dust nor dirt can settle between the fibers. Coarser impurities can be dissolved with lukewarm water. Please do not use harsh detergents, as they destroy the natural protective layer of the carpet. Unsightly stains and washed out colors would be the result.

Thanks to the robust and easy-care character, a high-quality wool carpet will ideally accompany you for a lifetime. Here, too, the natural material wool has a clear advantage over synthetic fibers. Especially for the feet, a hand-knotted carpet made of virgin wool is a real pleasure and will delight you.

Selection wool carpet collections

Discover our versatile design collections, which we present in detail on our website.

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High quality material and careful workmanship

Only the highest quality raw materials are used for a Mischioff wool carpet. Depending on the region, the wool types differ in their quality and suitability for carpet production. The Swiss carpet manufacturer therefore always pays attention to the exclusive quality of the materials used.

New wool from highland sheep is particularly suitable. This is exceptionally soft and has a particularly high wool wax content, which makes the carpets hard-wearing and easy to clean. Therefore, only the highest quality wool from the Himalayan mountains, the Afghan highlands and New Zealand is used for the various collections - often also in combination with the finest silk as an exclusive silk carpet.

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A carpet made of wool fibers, thanks to its supple surface, creates a cozy atmosphere and creates a high level of comfort in all rooms. Carpets made of wool are very modern, easily set accents and successfully fit into various interior styles.

In combination with rustic furniture, a coarse wool carpet unfolds its special beauty and creates a stylish and at the same time cozy living ambience. All knotted and woven wool carpets from the house Mischioff are made by hand and meet the highest standards.

Because: In addition to the type of wool, the processing determines the quality of a carpet. Before knotting, the wool fibers are first washed and then dyed. Special, environmentally compatible dyes are used here. In some cases, the untreated natural wool is also used directly for further processing. In the next step, the raw wool is spun into yarn in the spinning mill. The spinning and dyeing of the wool as well as the knotting of the carpet made of virgin wool is carried out by skilled craftsmen in our manufactories in Nepal .

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Carpets made of virgin wool hand knotted - perfectly handmade

A decisive quality criterion of the woven wool carpet is the production: machine or hand knotted. Those who value high-quality products made of wool, reach for hand-knotted specimens. Mischioff therefore has all designer carpets produced exclusively by hand from the highest quality natural materials.

All carpets from the Mischioff collections are hand-knotted and are subject to extremely strict quality control. As a long-standing partner of the fair trade organization STEP, the collections are certified as fair trade carpets . The environmentally and socially responsible production of the handmade fabrics is a matter of course for the traditional Swiss company. A designer carpet made of wool that is responsible with the environment.

Wide variety of different types of knotting and carpets

The yarns for a woolen carpet are spun in various degrees of fineness. Therefore, it is possible to make fine, coarse as well as rustic carpets with virgin wool. Regionally different techniques also provide a wide variety of different variants.

Whether Persian carpet, Chinese carpet, Nepalese carpet or Afghan carpet - each type has its own unique character. Mischioff offers a wide range of high-quality carpet collections. Are you interested in a wool carpet? Then we offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with all currently available collections and patterns on our website.

To the collections

Suitable wool carpets for different interior styles

A thick wool rug is suitable for all interior styles. Whether country style, romantic-playful or Bauhaus does not matter. Even classic wool carpets, such as Persian or Oriental, can be easily combined with modern furniture. They are ideal for bringing warmth and comfort into a room without dominating.

Traditional, wool carpets are back in fashion, as are creative interpretations that score with reduced patterns and new color combinations.

Insights into the production of our fair trade carpets

Modern designer carpets for every taste

For more than 70 years, Mischioff has been dealing in high-quality carpets for an upscale living ambience. Today, the brothers Dani and Sascha Misio are not only responsible for the designs of the various collections: Both are now running the family business in the fourth generation.

Colorful (red or green wool carpet, as well as colorful wool carpets) or subtle (gray) wool carpets create a modern living environment. The high-quality specimens from the Mischioff Collection inspire customers worldwide. For every taste and style, the various collections offer the right carpet.

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If you like it elegant, the carpets of the category Mischioff Plain are just right. However, many of these silk and wool carpets are only plain at first glance: Thanks to special dyeing and knotting techniques, the various plain collections offer gentle color gradients and a harmoniously iridescent look with unmistakable charm.

On the other hand, a rather discreet carpet made of wool, similar to a Berber carpet, can be found in the Marouk Collection can be found. In these collections, partly undyed natural wool is processed into natural-looking works of art. Expressive designs offers, among other things, the popular Tibey Collection. Here you will find various design carpets that are ideal for a modern interior.

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As a carpet wholesaler, our offer is aimed directly at the specialized trade. You have a carpet or furnishing store and would like to include our wool carpets in your assortment? We look forward to your inquiry and invite you to get to know the great variety of our numerous carpet collections and designs in our online catalog.

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