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Circlism Collection

Inspired by his own painting, artist and Mischioff designer Dani Misio createdthe Circlism Collection. Each circle is individually viewed an individual work of art.

The implementation of circles is one of the greatest knotting challenges and requires enormous care and precision. Put together, the approximately 2,500 circles of a carpet in the usual standard size of 300 x 230 centimeters again produce their own symmetries and arrangements.

Their rhythmic play is further enhanced by the combined use of the materials wool and silk. Learn more about the artistic implementation of the Circlism carpets and discover the great variety of variants!

Circlism Collection, Design C05
Image image design carpet Circlism Collection, design C05
Circlism Collection, Design C20
Image image design carpet Circlism Collection, design C20
Circlism Collection, Design C23
Image image design carpet Circlism Collection, design C23
Circlism Collection, Design C06
Image image design carpet Circlism Collection, design C06

Works of art for the floor in different color variations

The Circlism Collection includes numerous different pattern and color versions. The precise implementation of the design specifications requires a lot of craftsmanship.

The carpets are made exclusively by very experienced weavers in a carpet manufactory in Nepal that specializes in sophisticated designs. It takes about four months to complete such a Nepal carpet in pure handwork.

The design and color variety of the Circlism Collection leaves nothing to be desired. The well thought-out choice of colors is a real eye-catcher.

Bright arrangements of warm shades like orange, red and beige are equally represented as mystical-looking alternatives with a focus on dark colors like gray and deep blue. Suitable models are available for every interior style.

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Fascinating designs for impressive interiors

In addition to the color spectrum, the incorporated patterns characterize the designs. The main actors are small circular elements, which in large numbers create breathtaking works of art.

The targeted use of selected colors for backgrounds and circles creates exciting gradients with a fantastic effect on the viewer.

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Reflections that suggest discreet medallions are incorporated as well as diamonds that are highlighted by a plain base and contrasting panels that invite you to walk on them.

Triangles are also used and are placed just as generously to create an extraordinary overall picture. All Circlism designs have one thing in common: they stimulate the imagination and attract everyone's attention.

Detail Circlism C05

Best Nepal rugs from pure natural materials

An elementary basic principle of the Mischioff carpet manufactory is the use of high-quality natural materials. Only carefully selected natural fibers are used, which meet the high quality standards.

They guarantee durability, an excellent feel and perfectly set off the artistic carpet designs with their pleasant surface structure. The modern carpets of the Circlism Collection are made of high-quality Himalayan highland wool, which offers a very soft pile and is at the same time extremely robust and easy to clean.

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The high content of lanolin in the natural fiber protects the wool carpets from contamination. The dirt-repellent structure prevents stains, so the care proves convenient. The good recovery power of the fibers promotes the immaculate appearance. In addition, the sound-absorbing function, which benefits the acoustics.

Some carpets of the Circlism Collection are made of durable wool and precious silk, which additionally accentuates the designs. The slightly shimmering sheen refines the look and gives the products an exclusive charm. In addition, silk inspires with dimensional stability and tear resistance, which equally benefits the carpet structures.

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Careful craftsmanship completes the overall impression

Without the experience and know-how of the Nepalese weavers, who implement the design templates with maximum precision, the high quality of the design carpets would not be possible. With the utmost care, they master the enormous challenges that come with knotting circular designs.

Every step of the process, from spinning to dyeing and final finishing, is done by hand. The result after several months of dedication is around 160,000 knots per square meter and a perfect design realization.

Exceptional design and high-quality workmanship are the basis of all carpets from Mischioff AG. Mischioff places particular emphasis on sustainability and socially responsible production. As a partner of the STEP label, the fair trade idea is a matter of course for the Swiss company and its principles are firmly anchored in its own corporate philosophy.

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You can choose the standard size 300 x 230 centimeters or commission custom carpets. You want to visualize the effect of a Mischioff carpet within your interior? With our virtual sampling we visualize our carpets directly in your interior.

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The versatile Mischioff product world

Discover the special variety of our modern carpet collections. No matter which room you want to give that certain something - Mischioff-carpets convince in every place of this world by their adaptability and their variety of possible areas of application.

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