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Circlism Collection

Inspired by his own painting, artist and Mischioff designer Dani Misio brought the Circlism Collection to life. Each circle in these rugs is a unique work of art, a small universe of shape and color.

The implementation of circles represents one of the greatest challenges in the knotting craft and requires enormous care and precision. When these approximately 2,500 circles come together in a carpet with a standard size of 300 x 230 centimeters, fascinating symmetries and arrangements are created that captivate the eye again and again.

The rhythmic interplay is further intensified by the harmonious combination of wool and silk, giving this carpet collection its special dynamic. Immerse yourself in the world of Circlism carpets and discover the impressive variety of these artistic masterpieces.

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Imagebild Designteppich Circlism Collection, Design C05
Circlism Collection, Design C20
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Circlism Collection, Design C23
Imagebild Designteppich Circlism Collection, Design C23
Circlism Collection, Design C06
Imagebild Designteppich Circlism Collection, Design C06

Artwork for the floor in different color variations

With a wide range of patterns and color variations, the Circlism Collection offers the right item for every taste and every interior style. The realization of these complex models requires an extraordinary level of craftsmanship and dedication.

The carpets are made exclusively by very experienced weavers in a carpet manufactory that specializes in sophisticated designs. Each Nepal rug is the result of approximately four months of careful handwork and a product of masterful skill.

The diverse selection of designs and colors in the Circlism Collection offers the right work of art for the floor to suit every taste. From bright arrangements in warm shades such as orange, red and beige to mystical alternatives in dark tones such as gray and deep blue.

Every color composition is an eye-catcher and gives every room a special touch. Whether you prefer a classic or modern style, in this collection you are sure to find the perfect rug to enchant your rooms.

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Fascinating designs for impressive interiors

In addition to the diverse color spectrum, the artfully incorporated patterns play a central role in the Circlism Collection. Small circular elements, arranged in large numbers, form breathtaking works of art.

The targeted use of selected colors for the backgrounds and circles creates exciting gradients with a fantastic effect on the viewer.

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Reflections that suggest subtle medallions are just as artfully incorporated as diamonds that stand out thanks to a plain-colored base and form contrasting paths that invite you to walk through and look at them.

Triangles are also used and are placed just as generously to create an extraordinary overall picture. All Circlism designs have one thing in common: they stimulate the imagination and attract everyone's attention. Each rug is a visual feast that enlivens the senses and fills the room with life.

Detail Circlism C05

Best Nepalese carpets made from pure natural materials

An elementary basic principle of the Mischioff carpet manufactory is the use of high-quality natural materials. Only carefully selected natural fibers are used, which meet high quality standards.

They guarantee longevity, an excellent feel and perfectly showcase the artistic carpet designs with their pleasant surface structure. The modern carpets from the Circlism Collection are made from high-quality highland wool from the Himalayas, which offers a very soft pile and is at the same time extremely robust and easy to care for.

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The high wool wax content of the natural fiber gives the wool carpets special protection against stains. The dirt-repellent structure prevents stains, making care surprisingly easy. The ability of the fibers to stand up again immediately after being walked on maintains the flawless appearance of the carpets in the long term. Another advantage is the sound-absorbing effect of wool carpets, which contributes to a noticeable improvement in room acoustics. These rugs combine beauty and functionality in perfect harmony.

In addition to long-lasting wool, selected carpets from the Circlism Collection also use fine silk. This gives the designs an additional dimension and makes them appear more accentuated. The slightly shimmering shine refines the look and gives the products an exclusive charm. Silk also impresses with its shape retention and tear resistance. These properties give the carpets a particularly robust and long-lasting structure.

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Careful handwork completes the overall impression

The exceptional quality of the designer carpets in the Circlism Collection is largely due to the experience and expertise of the Nepalese weavers. They implement the demanding design templates with impressive precision and handle the complex challenges that come with weaving circular designs with the greatest care.

Every step of the process, from spinning to dyeing to the final finishing, is carried out by hand. The result after several months of commitment is around 160,000 knots per square meter and a perfect design realization.

The extraordinary design and high-quality workmanship are the foundation of all Mischioff AG carpets. Mischioff attaches particular importance to sustainability and socially responsible production. As a committed partner of the STEP label, the Swiss company is committed to the fair trade concept. These principles are reflected in every step of the manufacturing process and underline Mischioff's commitment to balancing quality and ethical responsibility.

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Detail Circlism C06

Circlism Collection product data

  • Material
    100% Himalayan highland wool, partially with silk
  • Quality
    approx. 160,000 knots/m², Tibetan knot
  • Dimensions
    orderable in individual custom size
  • Pile height
    approx. 10 – 11 mm
  • Weight
    approx. 3.9 kg / m²
  • Origin

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Mischioff carpets – a world full of magic and beauty

The Mischioff carpets not only enchant rooms, but also the people who live in the rooms. No matter whether it is office space, public spaces or completely private living spaces. A Mischioff carpet turns every room into a comfort space.