Image image design carpet Tibey Collection, design TB36

Designer carpets from Mischioff

For a long time, carpets were considered frowned upon, evoking memories of old dust collectors in grandma's home. But in recent years, this image has changed dramatically. High-quality designer carpets in particular are very much in vogue.

Swiss traditional company for over 70 years

For more than 70 years, the Swiss family business has been active in the carpet trade - meanwhile in the fourth generation. Especially in the distribution of oriental carpets, the company developed into a sought-after partner on the international market due to its comprehensive assortment. Today, Mischioff stands for high-quality design carpets that enhance luxurious and first-class facilities, hotels, banks and real estate.

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Mischioff has made a name for itself as a supplier for the well-stocked specialized trade. Both the quality of the offered designer carpets and the expertise of the team play an important role. The company can offer most of the creations from the various collections in a wide variety of formats. Even individual special shapes requested by the customer can be implemented.

20 years ago, the designers of Mischioff, the brothers Dani and Sascha Misio , created their own designs for the first time and had these carpets produced in their own factories. With great success, as evidenced by the positive response at numerous trade fairs again and again. Since then, both are constantly striving to expand the company's range and create carpet designs that give modern interiors a special ambience.

Mamlin Collection, Design MA09
Image image design carpet Mamlin Collection, design MA09
Marouk Collection, Design MK47
Image image Berber carpet Marouk Collection, design MK47
Nilanda Collection, Design NI43
Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI43
Sichouk Collection, Design SI43
Silk carpet Sichouk Collection, Design SI43
Svarga Collection, Design SV08
High pile silk carpet Svarga Collection, Design SV08
Circlism Collection, Design C22
Image image design carpet Circlism Collection, design C22
Tibey Collection, Design TB31
Image image design carpet Tibey Collection, design TB31

Designer carpets make living dreams come true

Since a machine production does not reach the level of quality and precision that meets our requirements, we produce exclusively hand-knotted carpets in our own manufactories, which are created purely by hand. The craftsmanship is crucial for the realization of the detailed patterns and extravagant play of shapes.

Made of exclusive natural materials such as virgin wool from the Himalayas or Chinese silk, our designer carpets delight customers around the world. Take a look at our versatile collections, which we present to you in detail on our website! Design carpets promise hand-knotted best look and feel at the same time.

Selection designer carpet collections

Discover our versatile design collections, which we present in detail on our website.

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Famous carpet designers of the Swiss avant-garde

Design is a matter for the boss at Mischioff : All ideas for our carpet collections come from the pens of Dani and Sascha Misio . The high level of experimentation with patterns, shapes, colors and materials enables the constant further development of the collections. In doing so, the designer duo likes to be inspired by modern art, contemporary style and current fashion trends.

Whether designer carpet in colorful, gray, gray-black or round - a designer carpet made by Mischioff always makes a good figure in the living room, bedroom and all living spaces.

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But also antique patterns and shapes, like those of oriental carpets, serve as inspiration for new designs. The further development of the existing collections is very important to the brothers. Their goal is to create exclusive designer carpets that perfectly fit different home styles and correspond with both modern and antique furnishings. High quality designer carpets you will get according to your taste.

For this purpose, we always combine new with old patterns and rely on refreshing color combinations to bring forth unique creations of modern designer carpets. In the field of modern living, carpets from Mischioff have been trendsetters for many years and find buyers all over the world.

Design work

Our manufacturing process - focus on quality

To create designer carpets that are second to none, Mischioff relies on thevery best natural materials. Only silk from China and virgin wool from the Himalayas are used. The rugs are produced in partnership with manufacturers directly in Nepal. Care and an eye for detail are at the heart of the production of Nepal carpets.

Experienced weavers often work for several months on a single specimen. After their completion, the designer carpets arrive in Zurich, where they are once again subjected to a precise quality inspection on the company's premises. Only when this has been successfully passed, the delivery to our customers takes place.

Countless variants and styles

In addition to the modern designer carpet, the assortment of Mischioff offers much more: The areas of silk carpet, Berber carpet, high pile carpet and Persian carpet are also comprehensively covered in the spacious showroom in Embrach near Zurich.

The latest design creations can be found in the Mischioff Collection. With distinctly versatile collections, there is a carpet to suit every interior style. Whether classic, modern, checkered, mottled, whether short pile, long pile or high pile, whether in vintage, Shaggy- or patchwork style: the great variety of modern Mischioff collections shows itself creative and versatile. Round designer carpets are also in demand.

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Individual carpet formats

Order designer carpets individually

Due to the close contact with our manufactures Mischioff is able to offer products on demand. Many design carpets can be ordered in individual desired dimensions and color combinations. Also with the format the possibilities are unlimited - whether round, oval, square, rectangular or as a unique special format.

This enables us to respond comprehensively to special wishes in design, color and pattern. Even the proportion of wool and silk can be individually determined for numerous collections. Together we design the carpet of our customers' choice according to their specifications. Let us advise you before you buy designer carpets and get samples to touch.

Insights into the production of our fair trade carpets

Discover Mischioff at the leading trade fairs

We regularly present our latest carpet creations to an international trade audience. For some years now, our creations have also been thrilling visitors to the International Furniture Fair IMM in Cologne with great success.

The feedback gained at the trade shows flows directly into the work on future designs of our carpets. Current trends are taken up, existing collections are further developed and new styles are implemented to create new highlights. In this way, new branded carpets are continuously created to complement our range and set new standards in modern furnishings.

Image image design carpet of Nilanda Collection, design NI26

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