Carpet design from Mischioff - modern and creative

A special carpet design is the soul of an interior and embodies the personal style of living. Hardly any furnishing element has changed as much in recent years as the carpet.

Carpet designer Dani and Sascha Misio

In a leading role, Dani and Sascha Misio act not only as managing directors of the company, but also as creative carpet designers who set unique trends in the carpet world with their innovative ideas. Carpet design is a matter for the boss at Mischioff , all designs are created by the two brothers.

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In recent years, the creative minds have created thousands of designs, optimized or even discarded - only the best designs ultimately end up on the knotting looms of the modern carpet manufacturers in Nepal, where the modern design carpets are implemented knot by knot in pure handwork.

Mamlin Collection, Design MA09
Imagebild Designteppich Mamlin Collection, Design MA09
Marouk Collection, Design MK47
Imagebild Berberteppich Marouk Collection, Design MK47
Tibey Collection, Design TB36
Imagebild Designteppich Tibey Collection, Design TB36
Nilanda Collection, Design NI43
Imagebild Designteppich der Nilanda Collection, Design NI43
Sichouk Collection, Design SI43
Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI43
Svarga Collection, Design SV08
High pile Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV08
Circlism Collection, Design C22
Imagebild Designteppich Circlism Collection, Design C22

Creative carpet designs from the brand manufacturer

With four generations of experience in the carpet trade, the Swiss have become one of the leading brand manufacturers in the carpet industry. The latest design trends and the return to traditional carpet patterns are reflected in the high-quality carpet range. In this way, Mischioff continues to delight its customers.

Dani Misio regularly travels to Nepal to the production facilities to check the implementation of the complex design templates. Fair trade and environmentally friendly production are just as much a matter of course as the family-like interaction with those responsible for the company's own manufactories.

Selection designer carpet collections

Discover our versatile design collections, which we present in detail on our website.

Fachberatung im Mischioff Showroom

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Modern carpet design is also based on traditional patterns

Mischioff has always attached great importance to a carpet art with traditional patterns paired with modern influences. New impressions from fashion, art and lifestyle always provide fresh impulses for new designs, while proven design concepts also persist. Thus, in many carpet creations, there is a blending of modern influences with antique design templates.

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Ultimately, it is crucial that a harmonious overall impression is always created with the surrounding furniture and furnishing accessories - for this, the handmade carpets from Mischioff are ideal. In addition to traditional patterns, the carpet designers also rely on modern art and their own creative designs.

Many designer pieces can be described as "art on carpet", where abstract shapes and patterns create a fancy carpet image. This also includes the implementation of own oil paintings designed by Dani Misio , which serve as the basis for various carpet designs.

Detailfoto Designteppich Nilanda NI48

Carpet design from high quality natural materials

To realize an unusual carpet design, Mischioff attaches great importance to the use of exclusive natural materials, such as silk from China and pure new wool from the Himalayan mountains. The actual manufacturing is done exclusively by hand and in modern manufactories mainly in Nepal.

The high-quality, pure natural materials guarantee the gentle and at the same time easy-care character, as well as the high quality and long life of the carpets. After all, customers want to enjoy the exclusive designer pieces for many years and decades.

Carpet design in manifold selection

Spoiled for choice... The extensive range of the Swiss family business offers an almost endless choice of modern carpets. The Mischioff Collection offers versatile design carpet lines and includes around 1,000 different models in various designs. The carpet design is individually accentuated by balanced color schemes, making it possible to find the ideal carpet for every style of living.

From the decorative Berber carpet, cuddly high pile carpet, to the high-quality wool carpet or exclusive silk carpet - the collections offer a wide range of options, which are both available from stock and can be ordered in the individual desired size.

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Carpet design with a difference - the Loop & Cut structure

Not only an unusual carpet design, but also a special structure gives a carpet that certain something. A real highlight here are the carpets of the Tibey Collection and Mamlin Collection. These modern Nepal car pets are made in the special Loop & Cut knotting technique with different pile heights.

Alternately knotted in wool and silk, the knotted row of wool lies slightly lower (loop) and is slightly irregularly overlaid by the knotted row of silk (cut). This creates the modern structure and an extraordinary look and feel of the carpets. This technique cleverly sets the scene for the carpet design and offers a decorative iridescent look with a light Vintage-look.

Insights into the production of our fair trade carpets

Discover the great variety of our collections

To get to know the complete diversity of the collections, we recommend a visit to the Mischioff showroom in Embrach near Zurich, where all carpet designs are exhibited on around 600 square meters of exhibition space.

We have brochures and catalogs available for the various collections, as well as a full online catalog for which you can register on our website without obligation.

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We regularly present the latest carpet designs at the international trade fairs, including the floor covering trade fair DOMOTEX in Hanover as well as the International Furnishing Fairs IMM in Cologne and the Salone in Milan.

To make an appointment to visit the showroom and for more information about the trade shows, please feel free to contact us at any time - we look forward to hearing from you.


Showroom Mischioff AG

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