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Guide: Determine the right carpet size

In addition to the ideal material and the right color, determining the right carpet size and shape is a crucial criterion for the optimal effect in the room.

As a rule of thumb for determining the maximum size, the carpet should be around 60 centimeters shorter than the shortest wall in the room. When choosing a size, also consider the radius of doors.

For the following presentations of the carpet dimensions, we have used the Mischioff design carpet NI50 from the Nilanda Collection .

The ideal rug size for your living room


If your spacious living room is characterized by a spacious seating area or a corner sofa , there should be room for all the furniture on your carpet. This creates a coherent living area that stands out visually from its surroundings and creates a particularly comfortable atmosphere.

For this spacious arrangement, we recommend sizes of 300 x 400 centimeters, 250 x 350 centimeters and 230 x 300 centimeters, depending on the furniture.

  • For slightly smaller living spaces, we recommend a medium size carpet.
  • Here it is enough if the one third to half of the sofa and armchair are placed on the carpet.
  • This creates a stylish living island because the living room furniture and the carpet are connected to each other.
  • This makes your living area appear more spacious and harmonious.
  • Suitable carpet dimensions for medium-sized living rooms are 230 x 300 or 185 x 250 centimeters.

For small rooms and seating areas , however, it is sufficient to place the carpet directly in front of the sofa. However, we recommend always placing the front legs of the seating furniture on the carpet to create a connection between the furnishings. Thanks to this arrangement, your living room doesn't look cluttered and appears larger. The dimensions of 185 x 250 or 150 x 200 centimeters apply as a guideline.

Regardless of the placement you choose, your living room carpet should always be at least as wide as your sofa. Ideally, you should add another 20 to 30 centimeters to the width of the sofa.

Selection of suitable collections

Discover our versatile design collections, which we present in detail on our website.

Dining room rugs – consider your dining table

If you want to place a carpet correctly , its dimensions should be based on the size and shape of your dining table. Ideally, the entire seating area fit on your carpet - even if the chairs are moved away. To do this, add at least 70 to 75 centimeters to each edge of the table.

How far a carpet should exceed this dimension is a matter of taste and depends on the size of the room . If you have enough space, the carpet can extend over the table by 90 centimeters. The seats are then always on a level surface even when you move away.

Lay a carpet under the dining table and include seating

  • A round dining room table is visually highlighted by a round carpet and sets a stylish accent.
  • For rectangular dining tables for up to six people, the dimensions 200 x 290 to 230 x 320 centimeters make sense as a carpet size in the dining room.
  • Tables for up to eight people should be provided with a carpet that is at least 250 x 350 centimeters in size.
We recommend an easy-care carpet . Flat-knotted or short-pile carpets are the first choice.

Bedroom rug - the perfect size and position for a harmonious feeling of space

If you have a large bedroom and would like a cozy component, we recommend a large carpet measuring 300 x 400 centimeters. Your bed and bedside tables can be draped aesthetically on it.

  • For more compact bedrooms and a narrow bed, choose a suitable model in a smaller size.
  • It is sufficient if you position two thirds of the bed on the carpet and the nightstands and the headboard are on the floor.
  • A beautiful picture is created if there is an even overhang of at least 60 centimeters on the sides of the bed.
  • Use the carpet dimensions 200 x 280 centimeters as a guide.

A completely different picture emerges if you several small rugs or runners. These can be placed flexibly around your bed. However, for a harmonious overall look, we recommend choosing a larger rug that covers the entire area.

A round rug gives your bedroom an individual charm. If you prefer a calm overall impression, place the center of the rug if possible below the middle of your bed or slightly towards the foot. For a particularly creative bedroom interior, place the large round rug under the bed on one side.

An overview of recommended carpet sizes
for square and round carpets

Living room300 x 400 cm
250 x 350 cm
Ø 300 cm
230 x 300 cm
185 x 250 cm
Ø 200 – 250 cm
185 x 250 cm
150 x 200 cm
Ø 150 cm
dining room300 x 400 cm
250 x 350 cm
Ø 250 cm
230 x 300 cm
200 x 300 cm
Ø 200 cm
bedroom300 x 400 cm
250 x 350 cm
Ø 250 cm
230 x 300 cm
200 x 280 cm
Ø 200 cm
160 x 220 cm
130 x 190 cm
Ø 150 cm
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Round or square? A decision-making aid

Carpets are manufactured in numerous sizes and formats. Square and round carpets are particularly popular and can be used in a variety of ways for interior design. Among the square models, rectangles are characterized by a decorative look.

Since each shape has its advantages, it is worth taking a look at the individual properties. We would like to make your decision easier and have summarized the main advantages of the round and square carpet format :


Round carpets

  • Loosen up the ambience.
  • Promote harmony through the absence of corners and edges.
  • Allow creative stagings.
  • Don't have to be perfectly placed.
  • Ideal for round dining tables and rest areas.

Square carpets

  • Give rooms clear structures and balance.
  • Facilitate the visual design of zones (room-in-room effect).
  • Harmonize with a straightforward furnishing style.
  • Promote a tidy impression.
  • Perfect addition to square tables.
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Virtual Sampling Service : Upload room photos now and discover realistic effects!


To ensure that your new carpet achieves the desired effect , you should take precise measurements. Ultimately, a sense of proportion often deceives the actual spatial conditions and causes bad purchases. Carpets must not completely take up the floor or be too small. If the dimensions , your carpet will neither appear lost nor disproportionate.

If you would like to make it easier for yourself to determine the carpet size that meets your needs, we recommend our virtual sampling service . We illustrate selected carpets from the Mischioff Collection in the optimal size using photos in your room situation.

    1. Take photos of the room or the place in your living space where you would like to lay out a carpet. Preferably from several perspectives so that we can achieve optimal results virtual sampling service
    2. Send us the photos directly by email to or using the form here
    3. then visualize selected carpets from the Mischioff collection in your room photos and send you the results with a before and after image comparison.

Would you like an example?


On the left you see the room without a carpet - on the right a carpet from our collections is visualized. The before/after effect can be illustrated using the slider in the middle of the image.

With the visualization you get a realistic impression of the designer carpets in your rooms. Take advantage of our non-binding sampling service and skilfully showcase your rooms with the perfect carpet size!

When choosing a carpet , you can rely on our many years of experience. We select suitable designs and carpet sizes for your needs and send you several visualized suggestions. If you have already discovered your favorites in our range, simply let us know and we will sample the carpets as requested.

Step-by-step to the right carpet size

If you would like to determine the ideal size for your new carpet yourself, follow these instructions:

  1. Measure the room and furniture and record the dimensions.
  2. Draw a floor plan and calculate the room size and furniture to scale. For example 1:50: One centimeter on your plan corresponds to 50 centimeters in reality.
  3. Draw possible carpet shapes and sizes on the floor plan.

Visualize the extent of the carpet by placing the format on the floor using masking tape.

Further criteria for your purchase decision

In addition to the size of the room, the type of room and your furniture, other factors influence the correct size of carpet and the sensible placement:

  • Floor plan: Whether it's a tubular old building, an L-shaped living room or a spacious loft - if you want to place a carpet, the spatial dimension is also crucial. For example, an elongated room should be equipped with a lengthwise carpet. With this positioning you promote a balanced spatial effect.
  • Walkways: Pay attention to the walkways in the room and avoid tripping hazards in the form of carpets that are too large or poorly placed.
  • Doors: Doors must be able to open and close without restrictions. Place carpets about 15 to 20 centimeters away from open doors.
  • Walls: Never place carpets directly against a wall. A distance of between 15 and 30 centimeters creates an airy atmosphere.
  • Ratio: If in doubt, choose the larger carpet, but always stick to the basic rule: large room, large carpet - small room, small carpet.
It is better to place furniture with storage space such as cupboards, sideboards and shelves directly on the floor. Depending on the pile height, there is an increased risk of tipping over on carpets.

The Mischioff carpet catalog

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FAQ – common questions about carpet size and our answers

To determine the ideal rug size, compare the size of the room with the dimensions of the rug . The more space is available, the larger the carpet can be.

  • Also consider the dimensions of your furniture.
  • Ideally, the bed or seating area stands entirely on the carpet.

In smaller rooms, the furniture can be placed proportionately on the correspondingly smaller carpet. This makes the living area appear more spacious and the interplay of the interior design appears harmonious .

This depends on the space available and the size of the seating area. In a large living room, the entire sofa area and the coffee table fit on the carpet. The smaller the room, the smaller the carpet should be and the couch should only sit partially on the carpet. In a small living room, it is enough to arrange only the front legs of the seating furniture on the carpet.

Carpets for corner sofas or U-shaped sofas should also be selected according to the same criteria: depending on the size, the sofa is positioned completely or partially on the carpet. Make sure that the carpet overhangs at least one side of the upholstered furniture. This creates a harmonious picture.

to skillfully stage 2 or 3 seaters and armchairs

  • On large areas, the carpet can set a stage and extend over the furniture on all sides.
  • If space is more limited, a less expansive carpet size will suffice. Then only place the front feet of sofas and armchairs as well as the living room table on the medium-sized carpet.
  • single sofa can be placed on the floor. Lay out your carpet of the appropriate size directly in front of it as a central unit that serves as a decorative base for your coffee table.

If there is plenty of space and a wide double bed, we recommend that you place the bed and the bedside tables completely on the carpet. If the room and bed are smaller, it is sufficient to place a carpet under the front part of the bed.

  • Small rooms benefit from smaller rugs that effectively frame .
  • For such an arrangement, the right size rug in the bedroom be determined based on the dimensions of your bed.
  • For example, a carpet measuring 200 x 280 centimeters harmonizes perfectly with a two meter long bed.

Mischioff carpets – a world full of magic and beauty

The Mischioff carpets not only enchant rooms, but also the people who live in the rooms. No matter whether it is office space, public spaces or completely private living spaces. A Mischioff carpet turns every room into a comfort space.