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Thaila Collection

Individual carpets and designs, entirely according to your specifications. Our Thaila Collection offers space for your creativity – for unique results.

The Mischioff Collection offers numerous collections with a very diverse selection of exceptional carpets - from classically elegant to abstractly modern. But just as every facility is individual, so are the requirements for a wide variety of projects.

With our Thaila Collection we offer individual solutions for your projects. The Thaila carpets are designed entirely according to customer specifications. This creates unique carpets that are tailored to the interior and very personal needs.

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Carpets according to customer requirements

Do you have special wishes and requirements for a carpet? Then let us design your dream carpet together.

Based on your specifications, our design team creates initial drafts, which are refined together. You can choose the right shades and nuances using our 2,400-color color system.

The precise implementation of the design specifications takes place in our Manufactory in Nepal and requires a lot of craftsmanship.

The carpets are made by experienced weavers in a carpet manufactory that specializes in sophisticated designs. It takes around four months for a hand-knotted carpet to be finished entirely by hand.

The Mischioff carpet catalog

Order our current Mischioff carpet catalog here and be inspired by unique designs and numerous furnishing inspirations. We would be happy to send you our catalog free of charge – we look forward to your inquiry!

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High-quality natural materials for your desired carpet

As with all of our collections, only high-quality natural materials are used for the carpets in our Thaila Collection: high-quality highland wool from the Himalayas, the finest Chinese silk and the sustainable cellulose fiber Lyocell.

You decide which materials are used. The knot density and knotting technique can also be set individually - so a Thaila carpet is always a special one-of-a-kind and perfectly tailored to your needs.

Careful handwork completes the overall impression

Without the experience and know-how of the Nepalese weavers, who implement the design templates with maximum precision, the high quality of the designer carpets not be possible. With the greatest care, they master the enormous challenges that come with Weaving

Every step of the process, from spinning to dyeing to the final finishing, is carried out by hand. The result after several months of commitment is around 160,000 knots per square meter and a perfect design realization.

Exceptional design and high-quality workmanship are the basis of all Mischioff AG carpets. Mischioff attaches particular importance to sustainability and socially responsible production. As a partner of the STEP label, the fair trade idea is a matter of course for the Swiss company and its principles are firmly anchored in its own company philosophy.

Read more about fair trade production and Mischioff's commitment to good working conditions and environmentally friendly production!

All information about our fair trade production

Thaila Collection product data

  • Material
    Himalayan highland wool,
    silk, lyocell
  • Knotting
    93,000 – 250,000 knots/m²,
    Tibetan knot
  • Dimensions
    orderable in individual custom size
  • Pile height
    6 – 22 mm
  • Origin
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Mischioff carpets – a world full of magic and beauty

The Mischioff carpets not only enchant rooms, but also the people who live in the rooms. No matter whether it is office space, public spaces or completely private living spaces. A Mischioff carpet turns every room into a comfort space.