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The art of carpet weaving is one of the oldest crafts in human history. Antique carpets tell this centuries-long history of the trade in hand-knotted carpets .

Even today, the classic oriental carpet great importance. The traditional craft was passed down from generation to generation and has since developed in many directions.

Our Mischioff Antiques section offers antique collectibles of various provenances: antique carpets from the Caucasus, Iran, Turkey and China. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the classic carpet and discover the diverse collection from Mischioff.

Antique collectibles and classic unique items

Whether classic Persian carpets , Anatolian and Caucasian designs or artistic Chinese carpets - Mischioff Antiques offers something special for every lover of classic carpets. Despite their age of up to 150 years, the antique carpets are in excellent condition - true craftsmanship that lasts for generations.

The traditional Weaving of the carpets is an important prerequisite for the high quality of the carpets. Only vegetable dyes were used to dye the wool, which ensure an interesting and balanced play of colors. Classic masterpieces were created in a traditional way, carefully crafted entirely by hand.

Mischioff AG owns a rich treasure trove of antique collectibles from Anatolia, China, Persia and the Caucasus. The Antiques Collection is characterized by rare antique carpets. The hand-picked collection is a real heart of the traditional Swiss company.

Antique carpets delight lovers all over the world with their special charm and fascinating patterns and colors. Each region of origin has its own techniques and special forms of expression that can be used to classify and evaluate the carpets. The exquisite collection can be viewed on request in the Mischioff showroom .

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