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Hand-knotted carpets from Mischioff

Anyone who values ​​high-quality furnishings and furnishings in their living spaces will find it difficult to do without exclusive, hand-knotted carpets .

The Mischioff carpet catalog

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Hand-knotted carpets offer high quality

far superior to machine-made rugs , both in appearance and quality. But why is that? Weaving carpets requires a Weaving degree of skill so that the individual knots are firmly connected to the base fabric and do not come loose.

To date no machine has been developed that could imitate a human-made carpet knot. Knots and fibers often come loose in machine-made models, but hand-knotted carpets are carefully and sustainably processed , so that a hand-knotted carpet is significantly more robust and easier to care for.

Mamlin Collection, Design MA09
Imagebild Designteppich Mamlin Collection, Design MA09
Marouk Collection, Design MK47
Imagebild Berberteppich Marouk Collection, Design MK47
Tibey Collection, Design TB36
Imagebild Designteppich Tibey Collection, Design TB36
Nilanda Collection, Design NI43
Imagebild Designteppich der Nilanda Collection, Design NI43
Sichouk Collection, Design SI43
Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI43
Svarga Collection, Design SV08
Hochflor Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV08
Circlism Collection, Design C22
Imagebild Designteppich Circlism Collection, Design C22

From the classic oriental carpet to the modern designer carpet

Until the 80s and 90s, traditional carpets were predominantly hand-knotted , such as the classic oriental carpet . Since then, new, modern carpets been on the rise, enhancing living spaces with exciting designs and contemporary colors But to this day the following applies: If the carpet is hand-knotted, it promises high quality and a unique elegance that only real craftsmanship can offer.

knotting density also plays a role: the finer the carpets are hand-knotted, the more robust and durable they are. In the past, very fine knots of up to a million knots per square meter not uncommon; a silk carpet was very finely knotted. For today's production, knotting densities of 60,000 to 300,000 knots per square meter are common.

Selection of modern carpet collections

Discover our versatile design collections, which we present in detail on our website.

Fachberatung im Mischioff Showroom

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Handmade carpets have an individual look

There are not only differences in quality, hand-knotted carpets also differ visually from machine-made carpets. While a machine-made carpet made very evenly and therefore appears very monotonous, hand-made carpets have an individual look that makes a carpet so special and unique . The handcrafted production gives each individual carpet its own touch that makes it unmistakable

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On the one hand, every weaver has his or her own style, which unmistakably gives a hand-knotted carpet its unique character . This creates unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that differ in small details and become individual designer pieces .

On the other hand, it is also the small unevenness that gives a hand-knotted carpet its special charm . The best example are decorative vintage carpets , where smaller corners and edges promote the individual living ambience.


Hand-knotted carpets from the brand manufacturer Mischioff

As a traditional carpet manufacturer, Mischioff AG relies exclusively on handmade carpets. With their special feel for designs, colors and material combinations, the two chief designers and managing directors Sascha and Dani Misio continually create new collections for the international carpet trade . Clean and careful processing of high-quality materials is a given in the Mischioff Manufactory .

After delivery to the company's headquarters in Switzerland, all hand-knotted carpets are subjected to extensive quality control by experienced employees . Only after successful inspection do the various carpets travel to carpet retailer stores all over the world.

Hand-knotted carpets in countless variations

Carefully hand-knotted carpets are just as much a part of stylish home furnishings as exclusive furniture, other home textiles and high-quality furnishings. Mischioff's extensive range offers the right carpet to suit all furnishing styles

The versatile collections cover a wide range of areas: expressive designer carpets , decorative Berber carpets , hand-woven kilims as well as the classic Persian carpet . Discover the wide variety of collections and designs and browse our website to find the right carpet.

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Knüpferin Nepal

Hand-knotted carpet for modern and sophisticated interiors

With high-quality designer carpets , the most important thing is to implement the design template exactly ; Mischioff carpets are only produced in selected Manufactory , where it is guaranteed that the weavers understand their craft perfectly . The sophisticated designs are implemented node by node exactly according to the template. This requires a lot of experience so that the artistic carpets can be hand-knotted.

In addition, all carpets are manufactured under fair conditions. As a long-standing partner of the fair trade label STEP, Mischioff is committed to fair wages, environmentally friendly production and against abusive child labor. The fair trade carpets stand for sustainability and a socially and environmentally friendly future in the producing countries.

Insights into the production of our fair trade carpets

Hand-knotted carpets – the craftsmanship of knotting that inspires

A Mischioff carpet is not a mass-produced product ; there are often only very few pieces available directly from stock. The carpets in our collections can also be ordered as individual made- to-measure carpets - delivery can therefore take a few months. After all, the carpet is hand-knotted, i.e. made entirely by hand , and then washed and shorn by hand in an environmentally friendly manner.

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to individually adjust the colors and the proportion of silk used - this creates a very personal carpet, tailored to the personal wishes and needs of the customer . Let us get in touch with each other personally - we would be happy to present you hand-knotted carpets from our various collections!

In our showroom in Embrach near Zurich we exhibit all collections and designs of our modern hand-knotted carpets. personally introducing you to our hand-knotted carpet collections .

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As a manufacturer and wholesale retailer of handmade carpets, we work directly with selected carpet retailer , furniture stores, furniture stores and interior designers. We look forward to your inquiry if you would like to expand your range to include handmade carpets from the Mischioff Collection. You can also get a deeper insight in our online catalog.

If you have any questions or require further information, we are happy to help you via the contact form , telephone or at any time by email .

Are you a private customer and value exclusive furnishings? Then hand-knotted carpets from Mischioff are just right for you! We would be happy to help you find one of our sales partners in your area through whom you can order a carpet from our collections. If you have any questions about our carpets, we are happy to help and advise you.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you by email or telephone. We look forward to your inquiry!