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Mamlin Collection

The Mamlin Collection is the realization of a long matured idea and includes numerous decorative and varied color compositions.

More than ten years ago, artist and Mischioff chief designer Dani Misio created a series of colorful stripe paintings in oil paints on canvas and exhibited them in a Zurich art gallery. The idea of staging these artistic color gradients as a decorative carpet collection lay dormant for many years due to numerous challenges.

In particular, the design and knotting realization of the varying color gradients and fine line work proved to be difficult. Thanks to experienced craftsmanship and selected materials, Mischioff has succeeded in creating breathtaking works of art that inspire in every respect.

Mamlin Collection, Design MA01
Image image design carpet Mamlin Collection, design MA01
Mamlin Collection, Design MA13
Image image design carpet Mamlin Collection, design MA13
Mamlin Collection, Design MA09
Image image design carpet Mamlin Collection, design MA09
Mamlin Collection, Design MA17
Image image design carpet Mamlin Collection, design MA17
Mamlin Collection, Design MA04
Image image design carpet Mamlin Collection, design MA04
Mamlin Collection, Design MA18
Image image design carpet Mamlin Collection, design MA18

Harmonious color gradients in loop & cut structure

The Loop & Cut knotting structure with slightly different pile heights serves as an elementary style element, giving the Mamlin carpets a special structure.

As a closed loop knot and thus in the background are monochrome knotting rows of highland wool, which slightly break up the design of the carpets.

The silk knotted rows, a few millimeters higher, represent the design and give the carpet its elegant look and pleasantly soft surface.

Due to this special technique, the Mamlin carpets feel almost like pure silk carpets. Be inspired by the creative designs of the Mamlin Collection!

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Elegant designer carpets with exciting line structure

The precise implementation of the specified color gradients, consisting of around ten to twelve different colors, requires a great deal of manual skill and is the responsibility of experienced weavers at our modern manufactory in Nepal.

All the steps in the process are done purely by hand. A carpet measuring 300 x 230 centimeters takes around ten to twelve weeks to knot. Another month is needed for finishing, which skilfully perfects the look of the carpets.

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The Mamlin Collection includes numerous decorative and varied color compositions. Warm earth tones and dazzling orange are equally represented as refreshing blue and elegant shades of gray.

However, all models have one thing in common: a fascinating carpet design, which results from the finest lines and creates unique transitions.

Detail Mamlin MA15

Silk and highland wool as a perfect symbiosis

The quality of a design carpet depends decisively on the processed materials. We use only selected natural fibers, because they have superior properties compared to synthetic alternatives. For the Mamlin Collection, 50 percent silk and 50 percent highland wool from the Himalayas are used.

The silk convinces with a natural sheen, which is responsible for a subtle shimmer. In addition, the fiber is tear-resistant, shape-retaining and hard-wearing. Excellent conditions for best results.

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The highland wool from the Himalayan mountains, on the other hand, is characterized by a high wool wax content. This natural wax maximizes the robustness of the fibers and makes them insensitive to dirt.

The combination of real natural silk and robust wool unites the individual advantages of two outstanding materials. They transform the decorative Mamlin carpets into long-lasting premium products. The high knotting density of around 160,000 Tibetan knots per square meter ensures a fine structure and a pleasant walking feeling.

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Mamlin Carpets orderable in the desired size - fair trade

For many years, the artistic designer carpets have enjoyed increasing popularity, which is not only due to the imaginative look. The material properties have also contributed to the fact that Mamlin carpets are no longer imaginable without Mischioff's assortment.

In addition to standard sizes, which are available directly from stock, we manufacture Mamlin carpets individually according to your specifications. If the design selection is difficult, we will be happy to help you decide.

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Each Mischioff product is a fair trade carpet. Our manufactures are certified by the fair trade label STEP. The socially and environmentally responsible production of our collections has been part of our self-image for many years. Learn more about the fair trade production in Nepal!

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