Imagebild Designteppich der Nilanda Collection, Design NI44

Vintage carpets - trendy and modern

It is hard to imagine a stylish interior without them. If you value an expressive look and an innovative design, you can't do without vintage carpets.

Carpets with retro chic

The desired used look can be achieved by various techniques, even for high-quality furniture and also carpets, without affecting the material or reducing the quality.

Real Vintage rugs that have a few years under their belt may have a broken spot or two - but this is not necessary for the look of a retro rug. With the manufacturing processes of Mischioff , numerous possibilities arise to redesign living spaces and complement one's own interior style.

Sichouk Collection, Design SI23
Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI23
Nilanda Collection, Design NI45
Imagebild Designteppich der Nilanda Collection, Design NI45
Tibey Collection, Design TB36
Imagebild Designteppich Tibey Collection, Design TB36
Marouk Collection, Design MK53
Imagebild Berberteppich Marouk Collection, Design MK53
Nilanda Collection, Design NI39
Imagebild Designteppich der Nilanda Collection, Design NI39
Tibey Collection, Design TB22
Imagebild Designteppich Tibey Collection, Design TB22

Vintage Retro look carpets

Mischioff offers vintage carpets in different varieties and collections. Thanks to the experience of four generations of carpet trade, new techniques and methods have been developed over time to give designer carpets their very special look.

There are several ways to achieve the desired Vintage look. On the one hand, this can already be realized in the design process. On the other hand, it is possible to create the look only during production through the choice of materials and knotting techniques. Subsequent treatment of finished carpets is also possible.

Selection Vintage carpet collections

Discover our versatile design collections, which we present in detail on our website.

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Vintage Designer carpets - our Tibey Collection

Character is what distinguishes Vintage furniture. Through the traces of use, carpets, tables and cabinets tell their story and fill a room with life. This look is enhanced by special knotting techniques. Thus, the Patchwork-style, which is inherent in many carpets in the Vintage-look, is also extremely popular.

In addition, vintage rugs with abstract designs, reduced patterns and overlapping colors challenge common interior styles. A good example is the Tibey Collection: The abstract, minimalist patterns of these extraordinary designer carpets are broken up or even shifted into the background by the special Loop & Cut knotting technique to achieve the desired Vintage effect.

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With a variety of different popular patterns - floral, geometric, abstract or modern - the Tibey Collection offers the right carpet for every taste.

A Tibey Nepal rug can be ordered in many sizes: In addition to the practical standard size of 230×300 cm , intermediate sizes such as 200×290 cm, 160×230 cm or 140×200 cm are also possible. Round Vintage rugs are also in demand. For special requests just contact us.

Detailfoto Designteppich Tibey TB22

Patchwork-carpets in Vintage-look

For many years, Patchwork carpets were in vogue. Knotted or woven, these Vintage rugs combine different patterns and colors. The composition of different motifs and styles creates very special Vintage rugs that guarantee a varied and individual look.

Two types can be distinguished: Patch combinations, which consist of different pieces of carpet sewn together, or patch designs, which do without seams and whose design combines various elements in Patchwork style. Diverse variants boot the market - colorful, discreet or even completely in black as a Vintage Kelim.

Perfect for any living room, matching the look of the furniture and the ideal complement for any interior style. The choice of color can also be decisive for the overall look. In the Vintage or retro carpet area Vintage carpets in gray, blue, petrol, green, turquoise and pink are in demand.

Sichouk Collection - noble vintage silk carpets

High-quality virgin wool in combination with exclusive silk are important components of modern carpets. This is especially true for the Vintage design. Unique silk carpet collections with beautiful Vintage-look we offer in our versatile repertoire.

The retro carpets of the Sichouk Collection are made of 100 percent silk, which is a by-product of regular carpet production. This is sorted according to specified basic colors. Through an artful knotting, a variety of different color shades are created, which provide a unique visual effect.

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Nilanda Collection - Designer carpets from silk and wool

A Vintage carpet of the Nilanda Collection is made according to the same principle. Consisting of up to 80 percent finest Chinese silk, mixed with a proportion of high quality highland wool to accentuate the graceful designs, extraordinary carpets are created.

The countless shades of silk provide an exceptionally brilliant play of colors. The collection picks up classic designs, which offer a modern interpretation of a very unique style. The vintage carpets of our collections can also be ordered in the desired size and convince with an unmistakable charm and character.

Insights into the production of our fair trade carpets

Vintage for every interior style

Of course, all Mischioff carpets are new. The used look achieved by different techniques is limited purely to the appearance. The "intentional" traces of use provide the exclusive charm that a short pile Vintage carpet exudes.

All carpets in our collections are of an outstanding quality of materials and workmanship, hand-knotted in an exclusive design. Our carpets will accompany you throughout your life.

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If you like it colorful, dyed carpets are just right. For this popular look, new carpets are dyed in a specially developed process. In the process, the subtle knotwork, in which the classic Vintage carpet colors of beige, gray or brown dominate, is enhanced with expressive colors.

The wool takes on the color slightly irregularly during the subsequent overdyeing process, which creates a special melange effect and a beautiful patina. The carpets shine in fresh brilliance after overdyeing. Whether red, turquoise, purple, blue or green, the Refreshed collections offer the perfect carpet for many living spaces.

Imagebild Designteppich der Nilanda Collection, Design NI26

You are a furniture or specialty retailer and would like to include the Vintage carpets from Mischioff in your assortment? Then register for the Mischioff online catalog, which gives you an insight into all collections and products and provides a comprehensive overview of our approximately 2,000 carpets. Here you will find all information about the current stock as well as available sizes and colors.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form, telephone or e-mail.

You have come across a special design during your search and are looking for a purchase opportunity? As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we focus exclusively on the specialized trade and therefore do not offer direct sales to end customers. However, the purchase of our carpets is possible without any problems through our numerous distribution partners. With our practical retailer search, you are guaranteed to find one of our partners in your area, where you can purchase our designer carpets in Vintage or retro style.

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