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Tibey Collection

Highland wool and silk - combined with the unique Loop & Cut-technique - that characterizes the carpets of the Tibey Collection.

The Loop & Cut connection creates artful designs, poignant textures and a feel that won't let you go. Carpet lovers worldwide are thrilled with the Tibey carpets.

Are you looking for a design carpet with the charm of a real silk carpet and the robustness of a high-quality wool carpet? Then we welcome you to the world of Tibey designer carpets.

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Imagebild Designteppich Tibey Collection, Design TB30

Seducer Loop & Cut

The knotting technique Loop & Cut creates carpets with an extraordinary charm. Every time you look at such a carpet, it winks at you, only to ask the very next moment: Was what? That's how they are, the designer carpets of our Tibey Collection . Little charmers who know about their qualities. Here, any resistance is futile.

What does Loop & Cut mean ?

Knotted alternately in wool and silk, only the silk line is cut open (cut), while the wool line remains closed (loop). The design of the carpets is formed by the knotted rows of silk, accentuated by the deeper, monochrome knotted rows of wool, with which the partly classical, partly abstract designs are slightly broken up.

The result is, on the one hand, a beautiful Vintage look, and on the other hand, an exciting and iridescent look that changes from every angle.

What does Loop & Cut Reverse mean ?

At Loop & Cut Reverse , the knotting technique is retained, but the design is no longer on the silk line, but on the lower wool line. The design thus recedes into the background and very subtle, understated carpets are created, which reveal their fine and unique details depending on the angle of view.

There is something very mysterious about these Reverse rugs, which are definitely worth exploring.

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Enchanting in design and unbeatable with its properties. This is what distinguishes a Tibey carpet:

The Loop & Cut technique guarantees the particularly soft and aesthetically shiny pile of the Nepal carpets. The feel also benefits because the sense of touch is pampered with an exceedingly soft surface and the impression of a pure silk carpet is created. At the same time, the high wool content transforms the rugs into easy-care accessories.

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The natural fiber has a natural self-cleaning function and makes the Tibey Collection insensitive to dirt and stains. Compared to synthetic fibers, odors also have little chance and the moisture-regulating material properties enrich the indoor climate.

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The Tibey designs: works of art with character

The special knotting technique, the high quality materials and the creative creativity of the designer duo Misio, are what make the Tibey rugs brand rugs of extraordinary depth and beauty.

Each carpet is unique in its design. The design language is discreet, often restrained. Lozenges, medallions, checks or lines only reveal themselves at second glance, but then never leave the viewer's side. And where the striking color scheme takes on the leading role, Tibey can sometimes have a refreshingly challenging effect.

Thus, these Mischioff carpets with each individual fiber are very special character carpets that design rooms and enchant residents.

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Where quality and fairness belong together

Not only the use of exclusive natural materials, the elaborate knotting technique or the extraordinary creativity of the design ensure the high quality of Tibey Collection . No less important for the manufacturer Mischioff is the factor of fairness, which is always determinant from the idea to the completion and delivery of a carpet.

The experienced weavers devote several months to each individual hand-knotted designer carpet with around 160,000 knots per square meter.

The carpets can be ordered in the individual desired size and format, for example, also as a round carpet.

Only when everyone involved in the creation of a Mischioff carpet feels that they have brought something good and beautiful into the world, only then has a Mischioff carpet reached the highest level of quality.

Sustainability and especially social responsibility are a matter of course at Mischioff . The Swiss fair trade label STEP, which is awarded to every Mischioff carpet, bears witness to this.


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How we make connections

If you would like to experience one of our Tibey carpets live, please use our retailer search to find a partner near you. Or visit our Showroom and discover the great variety of our collections.

You will find numerous inspirations in our current catalog, which we will send you free of charge within a few working days. If you are curious how such a modern carpet looks in your interior, then use our virtual sampling service.

Mischioff Carpets – a world full of magic and beauty

The Mischioff carpets enchant not only rooms, but also the people who live in them. No matter whether it is an office space, a public space or a completely private living space. A Mischioff carpet turns any room into a living space.