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Tibey Collection

Artful designs, modern structures and an extraordinary feel: The fascinating designer carpets of the Tibey Collection inspire carpet lovers all over the world.

The wide range of designs offers the right carpet for every room. The arrangement of high-quality highland wool and subtly shimmering silk provides an elegant and at the same time robust character.

Thanks to the exclusive combination of materials, the Tibey carpets are particularly durable and easy to clean. The Tibey design car pets offer a variety of different colors for an impressive atmosphere.

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Image image design carpet Tibey Collection, design TB40
Tibey Collection, Design TB35
Image image design carpet Tibey Collection, design TB35
Tibey Collection, Design TB38
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Tibey Collection, Design TB04
Image image design carpet Tibey Collection, design TB04
Tibey Collection, Design TB36
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Tibey Collection, Design TB30
Image image design carpet Tibey Collection, design TB30

Artful Tibey design carpets with innovative loop & cut structure

The Tibey Collection owes its special charm to the innovative Loop & Cut knotting structure, which is responsible for the varied look and incomparable feel of the designer carpets.

Knotted alternately in wool and silk, only the silk line is cut open (cut), while the wool line remains closed (loop). The design of the carpets is formed by the knotted rows of silk, accentuated by the deeper, monochrome knotted rows of wool, with which the partly classical, partly abstract designs are slightly broken up.

On the one hand, this results in a beautiful vintage look, and on the other hand, an exciting and iridescent look that changes depending on the viewing angle. An enrichment for stylish interiors.

Our reverse models, in which the design lies in the background and is overlaid by monochrome silk lines, are also particularly popular. This creates very discreet carpets, marked with a mysterious charm, which reveal their versatile details only at a closer look.

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Designer carpets with superior properties

The Loop & Cut technique guarantees the particularly soft and aesthetically shiny pile of the Nepal carpets. The feel also benefits because the sense of touch is spoiled with an exceedingly soft surface and the impression of a pure silk carpet is created. At the same time, the high wool content transforms the rugs into easy-care accessories.

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The natural fiber has a natural self-cleaning function and makes the Tibey Collection insensitive to dirt and stains. Compared to synthetic fibers, odors also have little chance and the moisture-regulating material properties enrich the indoor climate.

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The Tibey designs: works of art for attentive viewers

Each carpet in our Tibey Collection draws attention to itself with an individual feature and invites you to discover it. The spectrum ranges from the integrated medallion, which is unobtrusively staged, to refined diamonds and discreetly indicated check patterns to timeless lines, which guarantee a dynamic overall impression with incorporated height differences.

Repeating patterns are equally part of the carpet line as abstract-modern knotted rows and intentionally uneven structures, which emphasize the natural beauty of the brand carpets.

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The play of colors that the Tibey carpets bring with them also ensures pure variety. Whether striking colors, harmoniously coordinated earth tones or reduced gray, bright and restrained nuances for cozy warmth or refreshing looks with powerful accents: There is something for every style. The Tibey Collection offers stunning designer pieces that skilfully round off the interior of sophisticated projects.

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Handmade premium quality - fair trade

In addition to the exclusive natural materials, the elaborate knotting technique has an influence on the high quality of the Tibey Collection. The experienced knotters devote several months to each individual hand-knotted designer carpet with around 160,000 knots per square meter.

The carpets can be ordered in the individual desired size and format, for example, also as a round carpet.

Sustainability and social responsibility are elementary sales arguments today, and have long been a matter of course at Mischioff . As a long-standing partner of the Swiss fair trade label STEP, we are committed to socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Learn details about our fair trade carpets and get an impression of the careful handwork from Nepal!

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