High pile Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV08

Svarga Collection

The Svarga Collection the carpet factory Mischioff takes you into a world of incomparably luxurious deep-pile silk carpets.

Each rug in this collection tells a story of complex designs and fascinating color gradients, which are expressed in a variety of variations. The impressive pile height of around 22 millimeters pampers your senses with an incomparable haptic experience. The shimmering shine of real silk radiates pure elegance, giving every room a majestic ambience.

The exclusive silk brings the artistic designs of the Svarga Collection masterfully showcased. Through traditional craftsmanship, the high-quality natural material is processed into long-lasting works of art. Let yourself be enchanted by the gently flattering structures and the luxurious shine of the Svarga Carpets.

Svarga Collection, Design SV07
High pile Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV07
Svarga Collection, Design SV06
High pile Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV06
Svarga Collection, Design SV05
High pile Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV05
Svarga Collection, Design SV04
High pile Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV04
Svarga Collection, Design SV03
High pile Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV03
Svarga Collection, Design SV01
High pile Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV01

Elegant design carpets from 100 percent silk

In a world where art and craft often go their separate ways, the Svarga Collection from Mischioff into a realm in which both merge. Every carpet tells a story of multi-faceted color gradients and diverse variations.

These include modern, abstract structures, which were created under the skilful hands of Dani and Sascha Misio be brought to life. Two designers whose artistic creativity can be felt in every thread. The harmonious nuances and exciting transitions invite you to explore the depth and artistry of each individual design.

In times when simple patterns and monochrome structures dominate the world of shag carpets, dare Mischioff with the Svarga Collection the courageous step into unknown dimensions. They prove that it is possible to combine the sensual feel of high-pile carpets with sophisticated designs.

Whether as a central element in a minimalist room or as a perfect complement to elegant designer furniture - a Svarga Carpet is not just a home accessory, but an experience that tells stories and awakens emotions.

The Mischioff carpet catalog

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High pile carpets and design diversity combined

In a hectic and noisy everyday life, a shag carpet offers an oasis of peace and comfort. It transforms every room into a refuge of relaxation, where every step and every touch conveys a feeling of luxury and comfort. This enjoyment becomes a daily ritual of relaxation, especially in living rooms and bedrooms.

In addition to their visual and tactile sophistication, shaggy carpets are unsung heroes that dampen the acoustics of a room through sound-absorbing and impact sound-damping functions. They not only provide warmth and security, but also give every interior a cozy charm.

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As the Svarga When deep-pile silk carpets were presented for the first time at the international furniture and furnishings trade fair imm cologne, the enthusiasm was overwhelming. This impressive response was for Mischioff a sign that Svarga To make carpets an integral part of their collection and to expand it further.

Compared to other people 's silk carpets Mischioff Collections show Svarga Models have more than twice the pile height. If you are interested in a design from another Mischioff collection, you can also get it in the luxurious Svarga Order shaggy version. Discover the impressive designs and benefit from outstanding product features!

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Pure silk for most beautiful luxury products

The phenomenal foundation for the Svarga Collection is the only continuous textile fiber found in nature: the finest silk. This special fiber impresses with its outstanding properties. Its smooth surface structure is reminiscent of the delicate touch of a summer wind and makes walking on it a sensual experience.

Silk captures the light and releases it with a breathtaking shine that shimmers in different facets depending on the viewing angle. The colors in which the silk is wrapped allow every nuance to shine in its full splendor.

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The impressive natural fiber not only impresses with its beauty, it is also a symbol of strength. Despite its delicacy, it has considerable tear resistance and ensures that the carpets retain their shape for years.

Not to forget the high knotting density that can be achieved due to the fineness of silk fibers. This density gives the carpets an impressive weight, making them slip-proof and offering you reliable support. A masterpiece that combines luxury and functionality.

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Hand-knotted and carefully finished - premium quality and fair trade combined

Like all products from the Mischioff range, carpets from the Svarga Collection are also manufactured in our factory in Nepal . From spinning the fibers to knotting and time-consuming finishing, all production steps are done by hand. Experienced weavers implement designs precisely according to the pattern.

Using the Tibetan knotting technique, around 160,000 knots per square meter result in the fine, soft structure of the Svarga high pile silk carpets.

At Mischioff's carpet manufactory in Nepal , fair working conditions and sustainable processes are a matter of course. As a manufacturer we are certified by the fair trade label STEP and our manufactories are regularly visited by independent inspectors. With the purchase of our fair trade carpets you contribute to the promotion of fair trade.

Learn more about the fair trade guidelines for handmade rugs.

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High pile Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV02

Informative and Service for private interested parties

As a private customer, you can use our retailer search to find regional sales partners. You would like to convince yourself in advance of the color, material and feel of our modern carpets? For this purpose, our virtual sampling service is an effective aid. With the help of photos we illustrate different carpet proposals within the individual interior.

We have compiled creative furnishing ideas in the current catalog. It also contains exciting information about the manufacturing facility in Nepal . Since standards are not always the best choice, we also manufacture the Svarga Collection according to desired size and format, for example as a round carpet. Tell us your ideas and look forward to extraordinary unique pieces!

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Mischioff Carpets – a world full of magic and beauty

The Mischioff carpets enchant not only rooms, but also the people who live in them. No matter whether it is an office space, a public space or a completely private living space. A Mischioff carpet turns any room into a living space.