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Round carpet as a special design element

A round carpet is always the highlight of any room. It has an effect just because of its unusual shape and creates an individual living ambience.

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Round carpet for living room and bedroom

In general, a carpet contributes to a pleasant indoor climate and promotes coziness - especially when you get out of bed and feel the soft pile of the round carpet under your bare feet, it is always a good start to the day.

In the living area, round carpets are mostly used exposed or placed under a reading chair. Here, too, round carpets exude a high degree of coziness and contribute to relaxation in their own four walls. Not infrequently, a round carpet also serves as a decorative and cozy play area for children. Whether round carpet in large or round carpet in small - depending on the effect that is to be created, you can play with the size.

Nilanda Collection, Design NI01
Imagebild Designteppich der Nilanda Collection, Design NI01

Rectangular or round carpet?

That predominantly rectangular carpets are available for selection, has several reasons. Traditionally, carpets have always been knotted in rectangular format, because the knotting looms equipped with the warp threads are also rectangular. Even if a carpet is round, it is first knotted square and only cut round after knotting, which is why the production is more complex.

In addition, carpets are often placed in front of or under a sofa, the dining table or other furniture, which is another reason why straight edges are more popular and often more practical. Round carpets are therefore rather unusual, although there are certainly ideal placement options for this particular shape.

Selection designer carpet collections

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Round carpets from the Mischioff Collection

You love it extraordinary and want to enhance and complement your interior with a special living element? Then a round carpet from the Swiss carpet manufacturer Mischioff is always a good choice. The traditional company has been in the carpet business for four generations and enjoys a worldwide reputation for its creative and exclusive carpet lines. All (round) carpets are made by hand and consist of pure natural materials, which guarantee a gentle and easy-care character.

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Within the diverse collections, the various designer carpets can also be ordered as a round carpet. The two designers Dani and Sascha Misio create all designs themselves and are always working on new collections and innovations for the international carpet market. The design lines can be individually adapted to the customer's wishes.

Thus, it is possible to make carpets round, rectangular, square or even oval. Such a custom carpet is always a unique one-of-a-kind, which is precisely adapted to the special wishes and specifications of the customer. In just a few months, the knotted works of art are made and delivered.

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Carpet round, rectangular, square or even oval

The extensive assortment offers made-to-measure as well as round rugs available from stock. Popular dimensions are:

  • Round carpet 120 cm (diameter)
  • Round carpet 150 cm (diameter)
  • Round carpet 160 cm (diameter)
  • Round carpet 180 cm (diameter)
  • Round carpet 200 cm (diameter)
  • Round carpet 250 cm (diameter)
  • Round carpet 300 cm (diameter)

A round carpet with a diameter of 200 centimeters can be flexibly used in various living situations. If the appropriate, desired size is not currently available, the desired carpet is made individually and in this case can be adapted to the wishes both in color and in the material composition.

The materials to choose from are high-quality highland wool from the Himalayas and the finest silk from China, which give a round carpet a special sheen and irresistible charm. For special color requests, the appropriate shades can be selected from a color scale of 1,400 different colors.

Round carpets with different designs

Actually, it does not matter whether a carpet is round, rectangular or square, it beautifies any home and visually enhances any room. But a round carpet is still a special eye-catcher, where the carpet design comes into its own. For this purpose, Mischioff offers a large number of different collections, which differ not only visually, but also in the way they are knotted.

The various collections of round rugs we present on our website, just browse a little through the Mischioff Collection and find the right design for you. Whether as Berber carpet, design carpet or high pile carpet - a handmade round carpet always makes a good figure and will enhance your interior decoratively and elegantly.

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Runder Teppich Tibey CX2214-X711
Uniteppich Tibey Uni ARS1A11-ARS4J01

Round carpet also plain color elegant choice

A carpet does not always have to have an elaborate design in order to decoratively fit into one's own living ambience. Uni carpets have been trendy for many years as timeless classics and create a modern, elegant and cozy environment. Different Uni collections offers the category Mischioff Plainwhich could hardly be more different. Thanks to specially developed dyeing techniques, gentle color gradients can also be created in a plain carpet, giving the carpets an exciting and slightly iridescent look.

Also the special Loop & Cut knotting technique, which is used in the Tibey Uni Collection, gives a uni carpet a unique look. Especially as a round carpet, a plain carpet with color gradients cuts a particularly decorative figure. We are happy to present the various Uni collections and diverse colors with small hand samples, which you can usually order from us free of charge. Popular are round carpets in beige, white, blue, brown, cream and the classic: the round gray carpet. But a round carpet in colorful, turquoise, green, purple, mint, petrol, red or pink can also act as a special statement.


Insights into the production of our fair trade carpets

Round carpets for individual customer projects

The Mischioff AG works as a manufacturer of handmade carpets closely with the international specialized trade. The large customer base includes renowned carpet specialty stores, furniture stores and interior design stores. The cooperation with architects and object planners is also part of the daily business. Here it is mainly individual customer projects that are implemented in intensive cooperation.

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Carpets in desired dimensions, colors and shapes are drawn, visualized and made in advance, which ideally fit into various living environments and objects. Modern carpets as well as elegant plain carpets are currently particularly popular and create a modern ambience in various objects. Thus, a handmade carpet from Mischioff provides a cozy environment and adds the finishing touch to an interior.

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