Uniteppich Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A11-ARS4J01

Tibey Uni Collection

With the Tibey Uni Collection we have succeeded in combining the timeless elegance of plain designs with sophistication. Discover the highlight of the category Mischioff Plain and convince yourself of the refreshing charm!

Unlike conventional plain carpets, the Tibey Uni carpets combine two colors and use a special knotting technique to create impressive accessories.

The combination of 50 percent Himalayan highland wool and 50 percent silk contributes positively to the overall visual impression and at the same time lends the fine manufactured products an outstanding feel. High-quality materials and exciting structures make the Tibey Uni an exclusive design element.

Tibey Uni Various
Uniteppich Tibey Uni Various
Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A01-ARS1E10
Uniteppich Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A01-ARS1E10
Tibey Uni Various
Uniteppich Tibey Uni Various
Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A01-ARS4H17
Uniteppich Tibey Uni C333-ARS1A01-ARS4H17
Tibey Uni Various
Uniteppich Tibey Uni Various

Original look due to innovative knotting technique

The carpets of Tibey Uni Collection are made in the innovative Loop & Cut knotting technique. In this technique, the carpets are knotted alternately in wool and silk linear, whereby only the silk line is cut open (Cut). The wool line remains closed and thus recedes slightly into the background (loop).

The deeper knotted rows of wool are overlaid by the silk lines and shimmer gently and slightly irregularly through the silky base pile. This creates the decorative iridescent look that transforms any Tibey plain into an extraordinary eye-catcher.

The Mischioff carpet catalog

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Customize plain carpets with modern structure

The carpets of Tibey Uni Collection are made exactly according to the customer's wishes. They determine both the dimensions and the color design. While in other Uni carpet collections only one color can be chosen, here there are two: The background color for the loops made of wool and the overlaying main color made of silk.

The silk on top is considered the main tone, irregularly interspersed with the wool color in the background. The special knotting technique, despite the combination of colors and the associated visual stimuli, ensures that the impression of plain carpets remains and you can take advantage of their flexibility.

Countless, individual color combinations

The Mischioff color chart with 30 popular basic colors alone already offers 900 different combination options and thus the right choice for every object. For special color requirements, an additional color palette of 1,400 colors can be used.

The colors can be combined individually, both tone-on-tone and contrasting variants are possible. Depending on the selected nuances, the result is an inconspicuous look with delicate transitions or high-contrast designs whose base color shines out in a sophisticated way due to structural differences in height between the wool and silk lines.

Whether red with anthracite for an expressive statement, cream and black for stylish unobtrusiveness or harmoniously coordinated shades of blue: the design freedom leaves nothing to be desired. Get an impression with our color examples and let your imagination run wild!

Uniteppich Tibey Uni C333-ARS480-ARS480

Careful handwork and natural fibers for superior quality

In addition to the special look, the feel of Tibey Uni is a real experience. Since the wool line is slightly in the background, the pile feels like a pure silk carpet. The different pile heights also provide a very modern structure. With around 160,000 knots per square meter, the materials used are carefully knotted into the exclusive carpet.

The arrangement of virgin wool from the Himalayas and natural silk, in addition to the craftsmanship, has a significant influence on the high quality of our products. We deliberately use natural materials because they have superior advantages over synthetic alternatives.

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Wool from highland sheep inspires among other things with odor-inhibiting, moisture-regulating and insulating properties. The animal fibers contribute noticeably to the feel-good climate in rooms. In addition, there is the natural protection against soiling: The high wool wax content prevents stains by providing a dirt-repellent surface, which means that the aesthetics of our textile goods are permanently preserved.

Silk attracts all eyes with its natural luster and makes carpets subtly shine. The luxurious character of the material is accompanied by resistance to tearing, which gives silk carpets increased stability.

Thanks to the combination of wool and silk, carpets from Tibey Uni Collection impress with fabulous properties. They are durable, elegant and long-lasting. In addition, they improve acoustics with their sound-absorbing function and their own weight of over three kilos per square meter ensures slip resistance. On request, the Tibey Uni carpets are also available as a pure wool carpet.

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Made to measure for the highest demands

The production of Tibey Uni carpets is carried out in our manufactory in Nepal by competent weavers who achieve flawless results with their experience. All steps are done by hand under the highest quality standards. Order Tibey Uni in your desired size as a custom carpet and choose matching colors for fascinating unique pieces! Take advantage of the benefits of plain carpets and enrich your interior with attractive accessories!

Also in the object and project area, Tibey Uni models come into their own. Whether private property, hotel, office landscape or representative sales rooms.

We will gladly send you samples so that you can personally convince yourself of the color, material and feel. Find out more now about our expert Service or inform us about your request via a non-binding inquiry!

With the purchase of our carpets you acquire certified fair trade products. Mischioff has been a partner of the non-profit organization Label STEP for many years, which promotes fair working conditions and sustainable, environmentally friendly manufacturing in the carpet industry. The Mischioff production facility is regularly inspected by independent inspectors. Learn all the details about carpet manufacturing in Nepal.

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Uniteppich Tibey Uni C333-X487-X487

Informative and Service for private interested parties

You are a private person and want an upscale ambience for your home? With a Mischioff carpet you acquire a luxurious home accessory that promotes an exclusive atmosphere. Since we supply exclusively to specialized retailers, you can use the retailer search to find Mischioff sales partners in your area.

We will be happy to advise you directly via our non-binding expert advice. Or visit our Showroom, where all our collections are on display.

You want to benefit from the material combination of Tibey Uni Collection , but are looking for patterned designs? Then we recommend a detour to the Tibey Collectionwhich offers mysterious medallions in Vintage style, geometric patterns or abstract-modern design carpets.

We have compiled inspiration for discerning design lovers and information about the Nepalese production facility in our current catalog. You can request the catalog free of charge and without obligation.


Uniteppich Tibey Uni Various

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