Knüpferin Nepal

Production and manufacturing

All carpets in the Mischioff carpet collections are made from high-quality natural materials and are manufactured entirely by hand in a traditional way and under fair conditions.


Handmade carpets from a traditional Swiss company

The Swiss family business Mischioff is now in its fourth generation as a major retailer and manufacturer of handmade carpets and is world-famous for its extraordinary creations. The exclusive Brand Carpet e delight carpet lovers all over the world.

designer carpet for every taste . The high quality of our own carpet collections, which are all made from pure natural materials, is particularly important.

The majority of the collections are now manufactured in Nepal - managing director Dani Misio regularly visits the production facilities to get his own impression of the working and living conditions of the weavers and to strengthen relationships in the individual countries.

Insights into the production of our fair trade carpets

Sustainable production entirely by hand

Thanks to the skills of over 600 employees at the Mischioff Manufactory in Nepal, the complex designs are precisely implemented entirely by hand under fair working conditions and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.

This includes the preparation, spinning and dyeing of the materials, the traditional Weaving and washing of the carpets as well as the final fine work and final quality control. In our picture gallery we present you the individual steps from the raw material to the exclusive carpet.

Step 1: Carding, spinning and dyeing the materials

Step 2: Carpet Weaving using traditional knotting technique

Step 3: Wash and brush the carpets

Step 4: The finishing – stretching, fine-tuning, sewing and sending

Discover the diversity of our collections

Every single carpet in our handmade carpet collections is a genuine fair trade carpet, guaranteed and certified by the fair trade label STEP. Find out more about fair trade guidelines for handmade carpets in our fair trade carpets .

All collections are exhibited both in our online catalog and in the large Mischioff showroom in Embrach near Zurich - around 1,500 carpets from the current collections and antique collector's items are on display here. Make an appointment today – we look forward to your visit!