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Shaggy Plain Collection

In our Shaggy Plain Collection unite monochrome carpets with a beautiful pile length of 30 millimeters.

Due to the long fibers, these uni rugs look very varied, because the respective incidence of light causes an effective alternation of color. These Shaggy Plain carpets are made of Lyocell: a very sustainable cellulose fiber, with fantastic properties especially for carpet manufacturing.

Lyocell is silky soft and pleasant to the skin, the character resembles a pure silk carpet. The high pile provides a very vital structure and a lively look. Learn more about the benefits and versatility of our Shaggy Plain Collection .

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Shaggy Plain ARS G181
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Shaggy Plain ARS I010

Lyocell - the sustainable cellulose fiber

The cellulose fibers for Lyocell are obtained from woods of sustainable forestry. The basic material for the Shaggy Plain carpets from the house Mischioff are eucalyptus trees, which can grow without artificial irrigation and pesticides.

The manufacturer of these special fibers is the Austrian company Lenzig, which offers its Lyocell under the brand name Tencel™. In 2020, the company received the European Environment Award for the development of this sustainable fiber.

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Shaggy Carpets with unique properties

Lyocell is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. And the low water consumption and the absence of chemicals during production are also a big plus on the environmental account. The EU Ecolabel is another distinction with which this special material may adorn itself.

The special properties of Lyocell finally also prompted the designers at Mischioff to create a collection that does justice to this extraordinary fiber.

Carpets for a healthy indoor climate

Shaggy Plain Carpets are as gentle as silk carpets and as warm as wool carpets . They are also permanently colorfast, extremely allergy-friendly, breathable, moisture-regulating and very durable.

In particular, Lyocell's ability to absorb moisture is remarkable. The indoor climate can be optimized considerably as a result. Since the absorbed moisture is immediately conducted into the interior of the fiber, bacteria do not find a breeding ground on the fiber.


Endless design possibilities

The Shaggy Plain Collection offers carpets that are all-around sustainable, fairly produced and almost unsurpassed in their properties. With every step on a Shaggy Plain you take a step towards a better future.

The Shaggy Plain Collection beautifies all living spaces and the design possibilities are endless. The name "shaggy", which means shaggy, is due to the high pile. The coziness that a high pile carpet brings to all rooms speaks for itself.

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Especially in bedrooms, the cozy comfort and exceptional ability to absorb moisture of a Lyocell carpet makes a very positive impact.

The unique Lyocell carpets are handmade in the Mischioff factory in Nepal . The production time is about two to three months. The Shaggy Plain carpets are thereby in the individual desire measure and also in desire color orderable. 16 standard colors are available for direct selection, and more than a thousand additional colors can be realized. This means that the carpet can be perfectly matched to existing furnishings and individual wishes.

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Fair trade and certified

You can get a Shaggy Plain carpet in any desired size. We manufacture to fit your room needs, whether you need a square, a rectangular or a round carpet. In the standard size 300 x 230 centimeters we have the Shaggy Plain carpets usually in stock.

Like all of our collections, Shaggy Plain Collection is subject to fair trade guidelines for handmade rugs.

In all production steps, from the production of the dye to the dyeing of the yarns and the knotting of the carpets, up to the finishing work (chaining, washing, drying, stretching), the working conditions and also the sustainability of all raw materials used are subject to the permanent control of the Swiss Fair Trade Label STEP. So we can guarantee from Mischioff that our carpets are and remain fair and sustainable products from the first to the last fiber.

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