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Mischioff Inspirations

Our collections are very versatile and offer the right carpet for every taste. In our inspirations section we present special carpets from the various collections in detail. In it we also highlight the advantages and significant differences of each collection carpet.

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About the Mischioff Inspirations

This section offers an interesting insight into the unique world of Mischioff carpets:

  • What are the special properties of the carpet?
  • What materials and knotting techniques are used?
  • How did the idea for the carpet design come about and what does it express?
  • What is important in the color design?
  • In short, what distinguishes each design carpets?

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A walk through the desert

Marouk MK51

We start the month of March with a desert walk. Even though we still have cold weather, which is also present in the desert, we go to warmer regions and celebrate a new design of our Marouk Collection.

The Marouk MK51 is a carpet made of pure highland wool with typical Berber pattern. Its color scheme reminds us of the sandy expanses of African deserts. The Marouk MK51 has an extraordinary radiance that gives light, warmth and comfort to any room. No matter whether you use it to furnish your private or business rooms.

Detail Marouk MK51

A sign of beauty: Abrash

Abrash is the term used in carpet art to describe slight color variations, which are an unconditional sign of quality and proof of genuine craftsmanship. Especially in the early nomadic carpets, these color nuances were a feature of the creation process. The yarn for the carpets was created by hand and this yarn was also dyed by hand.

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If new color was produced, it was almost impossible to match the exact same shade as before. Color variations, sometimes even color jumps within a carpet were the result. Even industrially produced carpets today mimic Abrash, simulating this unique quality feature of old carpet art.

All Mischioff design carpets are made by hand and of course our Marouk MK51. From the production of the knotting yarn, to the mixing of the color, to the dyeing of the yarn and of course the knotting itself, the entire process is exclusively the work of industrious hands. And so, even in Marouk MK51, there is a natural abrash that gives the carpet naturalness and liveliness. In addition, it makes each of our carpets truly unique.

Imagebild Berberteppich Marouk Collection, Design MK51

Living Changings

The sand and ocher tones of the Marouk MK51, which sometimes seem lighter and sometimes darker, sometimes almost changing to shades of brown, thus accompany us on the desert walk mentioned at the beginning and allow us to dive into a world of ancient carpet art. Here in northern Africa, where the Berber once roamed, where carpets and animals were often the only companions, life is harsh but never monotonous. This is Abrash, a relic of times past and a sign of the beauty of artisanal rug making.

Thanks to its unobtrusiveness, the wool carpet will fit into any interior and even architecture. And its insensitivity and robustness, which it owes to the high-quality wool, makes it shine even after many years of use.


Detail Marouk MK51

Virgin wool from the Himalayas

The Marouk MK51 is knotted from pure, very high quality highland wool. High up in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas live sheep that donate an exceptionally robust and resistant wool. The reason for this is the high lanolin content. This is the only way the sheep can withstand the harsh weather conditions. Mischioff uses only high-quality new wool for its carpets. This means that the wool is obtained from living sheep, which of course continue to live after shearing. Even during the processing of the wool, the lanolin (wool fat) remains. It acts as a natural impregnator that repels dirt and water. A property that makes our Marouk MK51 a lifelong companion and gives it its soft feel.

Of course, we do not shear the sheep ourselves, but here too we have a look at who supplies us with the high-quality new wool. Like the entire production process of Mischioff Fair-Trade carpets, our suppliers are also part of the STEP Label certification. This Swiss label is on the spot for us where we cannot be ourselves. But together we are committed to good and fair working conditions in the carpet production.

Detail Marouk MK51
Marouk MK51