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Mischioff inspirations

Our collections are very versatile and offer the right carpet for every taste. In our Inspirations section we extensively present special carpets from the various collections. And we also highlight the advantages and significant differences of the individual carpets in the collection.

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About the Mischioff inspirations

This section offers an interesting insight into the unique world of Mischioff carpets:

  • What are the special properties of the carpet?
  • What materials and knotting techniques are used?
  • How did the idea for the carpet design come about and what does it express?
  • What is important when it comes to color design?
  • In short: What characterizes the individual designer carpets?

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A tribute to the earth

Sichouk SI44

To discover the Sichouk SI44 as inspiration, we enter the treasury of Mischioff carpets and stop in front of a pure silk carpet that shimmers in numerous shades of brown.

With its flattering gentleness, it captivates the viewer and exudes a feeling of well-being and security. This carpet is completely unobtrusive, it is like the earth on which we walk - always there and a foundation of our lives.

Detail Sichouk SI44

The fascination of brown tones

Pure silk is nature's most valuable gift for carpet weaving . The entire Sichouk Collection from Mischioff consists of silk carpets that refine any room with their grace. But a Sichouk designer carpet , it also enchants people with its look and feel.

With its knotting density of 160,000 knots per square meter, the Sichouk SI44 is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, designed in the Swiss quality house Mischioff, knotted in the Manufactory in Nepal and at home wherever people love carpets.

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Our Sichouk SI44, with its nuanced natural colors, is a homage to the fascination of the earth. A whole palette of brown tones pours over the surface, lightens, darkens, spreads out, retreats, never becomes figurative, remains abstract and thus unfolds its power solely through its effect on the viewer.

With the Sichouk SI44, a contrast is created solely by the light and dark of the consistently warm earth colors. This makes this carpet the ideal equipment for all rooms that need warmth, cosiness and extra comfort. A carpet on which walking barefoot becomes a requirement, which becomes a wellness bath for the room and the person.

Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI44

White gold becomes Mischioff art

Carpets are generally considered decorative elements, but our Sichouk SI44 can do so much more. As a pure silk carpet with a high knot density, it transforms the acoustics, the atmosphere and the charisma of any room. With color harmony, warmth and elegance, it could have come from one of the numerous oriental stories surrounding these mysterious carpets. Silk carpets have always fascinated people all over the world. They play important roles in legends, fairy tales and other stories, but these extraordinary works of art never fully reveal their secret.

In China, where the raw material for Sichouk SI44 comes from, silk is also called white gold. Extremely valuable, exquisite and of the highest quality. This is the only way to create carpets in the Manufactory in Nepal that meet Mischioff carpet

Detail Sichouk SI44

Purely handcrafted – highest quality – fairly produced

The knotting yarn is first made from the Chinese raw silk, this is then dyed by hand using self-made dyes and finally, after many weeks of handwork, a carpet is created. Pure handwork from start to finish. Carried out by workers who are valued for their high level of artistry and fairly compensated.

To ensure that all these processes are characterized by fairness and healthy social interaction, Mischioff has been working with the Swiss fair trade label STEP for over ten years. Not only are the working conditions constantly monitored; schools and daycare centers are also financed so that children are cared for and well educated. This is the only way to create Mischioff carpets of the highest quality, with a clear conscience and under fair conditions.

Detail Sichouk SI44
Sichouk SI44