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Mischioff inspirations

Our collections are very versatile and offer the right carpet for every taste. In our Inspirations section we extensively present special carpets from the various collections. And we also highlight the advantages and significant differences of the individual carpets in the collection.

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About the Mischioff inspirations

This section offers an interesting insight into the unique world of Mischioff carpets:

  • What are the special properties of the carpet?
  • What materials and knotting techniques are used?
  • How did the idea for the carpet design come about and what does it express?
  • What is important when it comes to color design?
  • In short: What characterizes the individual designer carpets?

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Rustic charm

Marouk MK33

Did you know that numerous Berber families lived a nomadic or semi-nomadic life well into the 20th century? Some people even do this to this day and traditional carpet weaving is still part of their lifestyle and everyday activities in many regions.

We take up the theme of nomadic Berber carpets in a new look with our inspiration, the Marouk MK33. The design impresses with a golden, brown basic pile, the natural look of which is reminiscent of hemp fibers, and motifs in a trendy color mix of blue, gray and white.

Detail Marouk MK33

Tradition meets modernity

The Marouk MK33 is one of many carpets in the Marouk Collection , in which we have reinterpreted wool carpets

Mischioff has incorporated the asymmetrical motifs such as triangles and diamonds typical of Berber carpets into new design templates. The Marouk MK33 and the other design and variant models have a modern and decorative appearance that creates exciting contrasts to otherwise straight-lined furnishings.

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We also rely on tradition when choosing materials. Like its role models, the Marouk is made from 100 percent sheep's wool. In the case of Mischioff carpets, this comes from the Himalayan highlands and, together with the careful knotting (around 93,000 Tibetan knots per m²), ensures a rustic look with a very soft feel. The coarser weave is ideal for the robust look of the Berber carpets in this collection.

Imagebild Berberteppich Marouk Collection, Design MK33

High-quality materials refined by hand

Even renowned architects and designers succumbed to the charms of Berber carpets - for Alvar Alto, Le Corbusier and Ray and Charles Eames they were part of a stylish interior.

We are quite sure that our MK33 carpet will also fit into many interiors and will impress and convince. After all, not only are the material and workmanship quality first-class, but also the fresh design, which is still somewhat reminiscent of traditional Berber carpets. What's special: Natural color gradients, also known as "abrashes", which are created by mixing the hand-spun wool, give each carpet an individual look.

Detail Marouk MK33

Fairly produced, guaranteed!

The Marouk MK33 can be ordered in the standard size of 300 x 230 cm or in your individual desired size. Of course, this carpet is also produced under fair conditions in a Manufactory in Nepal. We guarantee fair production of our fair trade carpets through the STEP label. The organization carries out independent inspections at the production sites and only those carpet manufacturers who comply with Label STEP's guidelines and specifications are certified.

As a Retailer , would you like to include this high-quality Berber carpet in your range? Very gladly! Please contact us – we look forward to your inquiry. If you are a private individual and are interested in the Marouk MK33, we will be happy to help you with our non-binding specialist advice service .

Detail Marouk MK33
Marouk MK33