Rug Of The Month November 2020: An Ocean Of Flowers – Nilanda NI38

The rugs from the Nilanda collection are the most popular from the Mischioff range. Lovers around the world appreciate the contrasting colors in combination with ornaments from traditional carpet art and the unique material quality. We have chosen the brightly colored Nilanda NI38 design carpet as rug of the month for November 2020 because this time of year deserves a bit of contrast and color.

A Blooming Ocean

As if someone had covered the sea with flowers to invite you to jump into the refreshing water. The silvery shimmering gray in the background bears the seemingly randomly arranged splashes of color, which range from warm yellow to subtle pink to strong red. Soft brown and ocher tones give an idea of the seabed, where you can stroll barefoot.

From a distance, the classic oriental ornamentation that adorns the Nilanda NI38 can be seen. The medallion in the middle of the rug looks like an island in the ocean, on which everything is reflected and oriented.

Like all Nilanda rugs, the NI38 is made of around 75 percent pure silk. The best Himalayan highland wool is used as a stylistic element where the silk design has to be emphasized and contrasted in order to create the unique expressiveness of this rug. The Nilanda NI38 gives modern interiors a fresh and highly exclusive appearance. Living with and on this carpet is always an encouraging experience.

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Nilanda NI38

High Quality Natural Materials Combined

The material mix of fine silk and high-quality wool make this design carpet a visual and tactile experience. The velvety soft surface is created by the silk and shimmers in numerous color nuances depending on the incidence of light. The brilliant color rendering is thanks to this unique raw material.

The small parts of highland wool ensure robustness and longevity of this extraordinary designer rug. These natural fibers have a moisture-regulating and dirt-repellent effect and also promote a very pleasant room climate. The fine materials allow the high knot density of 160,000 knots per square meter, which on the one hand are responsible for the carpet's weight, which is not low, and thus ensure very good slip resistance.

Handcraft From The Beginning

The manufacture of the Nilanda NI38 is a complex and very precise process. This process is determined by loving handwork in all production stages. The weaving yarn as well as the individual colors are made by the company. The yarns are dyed by hand and finally, in weeks of work, are weaved into the work of art, which after finishing (linking, cutting, washing, drying, stretching) becomes a Nilanda NI38.

The people who work in the Mischioff manufactory in Nepal have mastered their work steps to perfection. And in cooperation with the Swiss fair trade label STEP, we are responsible for their well-being. This ensures that there are sustainable and fair conditions from purchasing raw materials to delivery routes and also in production. Because it is only through the high level of artistry of the weavers and the renunciation of machine production that the works of art for which the Mischioff brand is a guarantee can ultimately be created.

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Product Details Of Nilanda NI38

  • Collection: Nilanda
  • Design: NI38
  • Material: ca. 75 % silk and 25 % Himalayan highland wool
  • Quality: ca. 160.000 knots/m², Tibetan knot
  • Sizes: Standard 300 x 230 cm, orderable in individual custom sizes
  • Pile Height: ca. 8 - 9 mm
  • Weight: ca. 3,7 kg / m²
  • Origin: Nepal

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