Rug Of The Month November 2019 - The Sichouk SI43

The new star in the exclusive Sichouk Collection is our rug of the month November: the Sichouk SI43. Modern, youthful and colourful, the silk carpet expresses a captivating lightness and cheerfulness. The design of two renowned carpet designers in Europe, the material of the finest Chinese silk and a knotting technique of masterly craftsmanship make this rug a true work of art.

Such a rug reveals who belongs to the most respected carpet manufacturers in the world. But not only because highest mastery and best materials work together, but because emotions are linked and made visible here.

This Rug Is Pure Emotion

The dark blue of an evening sky, the bright sparkle of a mountain lake, the red and the orange of a sunset combined with warming gray and earth tones paint a backdrop on this rug that must have sprung from the heartbeat of a happy person. Small areas blur in larger ones, dissolve in jumpy swabs and paint a vivid picture.

Abstract and modern, but never cool. Colourful and lively, but never intrusive. The Sichouk SI43 is the smile for every room, for every interior and for every one of its owners. This rug is pure emotion. The Chinese silk provides radiance and luminosity and makes these emotions look honest, genuine and noble at all times.

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Sichouk SI43

Pure Silk And Pure Hapiness

For carpets, there is no nobler material than pure silk. For the Mischioff carpets only highest quality Chinese silk is processed in the manufactory in Nepal. With 160,000 knots per square meter, the Sichouk SI43 has a fine knotting density that also gives a pure silk carpet sufficient stability. Not for nothing does the completion of the Sichouk SI43 take several months. A work that pays off.

With the Fair Trade certification, Mischioff is also committed to a conscious approach to the environment and the people who are well-trained for the skilled craftsmanship of the carpets. Only in fair cooperation can masterpieces such as the Sichouk SI43 emerge. All information about manufacturing and fair trade can be found in our section Production & Fair Trade.

Silky Shine And Wonderfully Gentle

The sheen of this rug immediately catches the eye of any viewer and will still be as graceful and radiant even after years of use as on the first day. Due to the shiny surface, the colours appear in shimmering motion and give the carpet a very special look.

Living with a carpet of the Sichouk Collection means happy living. Not only the radiance of such a carpet attracts, also the flattering feel acts captivating in the truest sense of the word. Walking barefoot becomes a compulsory exercise and conveys a cloudy ride. This is how the Sichouk SI43 can be experienced with all your senses. Wherever the Sichouk carpet is used, it beautifies every space, whether living or working area, and it will inspire the people around him and give them a good feeling.

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The carpet is available in the standard size of 300 x 230 centimeters, but is also orderable in any desired size. The colours can also be changed on request and adapted to the existing decor or the preferences of the future owner. Further information can be found on the collection page of our Sichouk Collection.

You are welcome to use our virtual sampling service at any time. With photos, we'll show you how the Sichouk SI43 could look in your own personal interior. No matter what service you need, please let us know and get in contact with us.

Product Details Of Sichouk SI43

  • Collection: Sichouk

  • Design: SI43

  • Material: 100 % silk

  • Quality: ca. 160.000 kots/m2, Tibetan knot

  • Sizes: standard size 300 x 230 cm, orderable in individual custom sizes

  • Pile Height: ca. 8-9 mm

  • Weight: ca. 3,7 kg / m2

  • Origin: Nepal

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