Rug of the Month April 2015 – the Nazara Suzani „Bouquet Rouge“

In April, we like to present you the fantastic Nazara Suzani "Bouquet Rouge" as our new rug of the month. Despite the classic motifs, the rug has got a quite modern appearance, which bases on the elegant look of the floral Suzani motifs. The exclusive rugs of the Nazara Suzani Collection are available in different colour and pattern combinations and every single piece has got his own unique charm. This collection is part of the well-known category Mischioff Classics & Antiques with its perfect reproductions of classic oriental carpets and modern interpretations of antique designs – a delight for any enthusiast of classical carpets.

Nazara Suzani "Bouquet Rouge" Fits into Modern Interior Decoration Styles

The Nazara Suzani "Bouquet Rouge" shows decorative floral patterns, which derive from the ancient Suzani silk embroideries made in Uzbekistan. In the past, these have been used as a wall hanging; now it is also available as a classic but contemporary rug design.

With its balanced composition of colours, the "Bouquet Rouge" from the Nazara Suzani Collection fits in many decorating styles. The strong, warm red base colour provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere in many rooms. Combined with the numerous, matching colors of the beautiful Suzani pattern, the rug has got a nice balanced colour composition. The border and the center of the midfield provides a clear basic structure. Thereby, this designer rug can be integrated harmoniously in most facilities, despite the huge number of different patterns and colours.

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Nazara Suzani Bouquet Rouge

The high-quality "Bouquet Rouge" is made of 100% Afghan highland wool, which is dyed gently with natural vegetable colours. This exclusive new wool is very soft, durable in use and easy to clean at the same time. The finishing of the Nazara Suzani rugs is made in Pakistan – the knotting of the rugs is made by experienced weavers in our manufactories in Afghanistan.

Mischioff attaches great importance to an environmentally and socially responsible production of high-quality carpets, so the company is member of the fair-trade Label STEP. Fair trade with handmade carpets, good working conditions in the manufactories, environmentally-friendly production methods and the non-toleration of abusive child labor are important basic principles for us as a long-term partner of Label STEP.

Nazara Suzani "Bouquet Rouge" is Made of Highest-Quality Materials

The very fine knotting of this particular rugs requires a great know-how of the weavers, a very important requirement for the implementation of the detailed and filigree Suzani motifs. A Nazara Suzani rug has got approximately 250,000 knots per square meter. This very fine knotting is responsible for the durable and easy-care character of these beautiful rugs.

The Nazara Suzani "Bouquet Rouge" is a unique piece, available in the size 267 x 205 cm from stock. Generally, the rugs of our Nazara Suzani Collection are not orderable in custom size, but only available from stock in different sizes and colour compositions. All available Nazara Suzani rugs are shown in our online catalog. Do you want to learn more about the Nazara Suzani Collection of Mischioff? Then sign up now for a comprehensive insight in our online catalog – we look forward to your inquiries! If you need further information about our Nazara Suzani Collection or the “Bouquet Rouge”, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

Product Details of Nazara Suzani Bouquet Rouge

  • Collection: Nazara Suzani

  • Design: Bouquet Rouge

  • Material: 100 % Afghan highland wool

  • Quality: ca. 250.000 knots/m2

  • Sizes: 267 x 205 cm, unique item

  • Pile Height: ca. 8 mm

  • Weight: ca. 3,2 kg / m2

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