Marouk Collection

The Marouk Collection offers contemporary, charming and robust rugs. The decorative Nepal carpets are made of high-quality wool, satisfying the highest demands.

Compared to other collections, the rugs of the Marouk Collection are knotted a little bit coarser, which allows a cheaper price and a faster production. Therefore, this collection provides a significant time advantage – custom size carpets can be produced in a shorter time.

Re-interpreted famous design classics

Designwise, the Marouk Collection picks up a current trendy topic with its typical motifs of nomadic Berber carpets, which get a new, modern look within the collection. The continuing trend of nomadic rugs bases on the long history of this special carpets, which have already been established and used by renowned architects such as Le Corbusier or Charles and Ray Eames.

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Trendy Berber Designs For Modern Interiors

Despite the coarser weave, the quality of the Marouk carpets is excellent – ensured by the finest materials and careful workmanship. About 90,000 Tibetan knots per square meter result in a dense pile, which is very gentle and robust thanks to the high-quality Himalayan highland wool. With a pile height of about ten to twelve millimeters, the carpets are very handy. Generally, non-slip underlays are not necessary because of the heavy weight with about four kilogram per square metre.

The robust woolen carpets of the Marouk Collection create a cozy atmosphere in modern interiors. Natural gradients, so-called "Abrashs", provide a decorative and unique look of the carpets. The carpets are available in different sizes and designs directly from stock as well as orderable in desired custom sizes. Depending on the size, the production time is about three months. Individual design and colour adjustments are also possible within the Marouk Collection, which we like to visualize you in advance.

Marouk Collection

Product Details Marouk Collection

  • knotting: Tibetan knotting technique
  • no. of knots: approx. 93.000 knots/m²
  • material: 100 % Himalayan highland wool
  • pile height: approx. 10-12 mm
  • weight: approx. 4,2 kg/m²
  • origin: Nepal

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