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Mischioff has been creating hand-knotted designer carpets of unique quality for several decades and has gained international fame as a result. Discover the history of our traditional family business, which creates modern carpet works of art with passion and innovation.

Mischioff AG is already developing its expertise in the carpet trade in the fourth generation. The heart of the company is the Swiss headquarters in Embrach near Zurich, where Mischioff has become an indispensable partner for international customers and retailer with dedication to every fiber of his carpets and the smallest details.

In the spacious Mischioff showroom, a kaleidoscope of modern creations and rare, antique carpet treasures are presented - a feast for the senses and a homage to craftsmanship.

Our exquisite carpet creations delight a select group of discerning customers. These include: the upscale carpet trade, exclusive furniture and furnishing shops as well as selected interior designers and architects.

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Artful creations from master hands

In the past 20 years, Mischioff has undergone an impressive transformation: from trading classic oriental carpets, the company has specialized in the production of modern designer carpets.

The brothers Dani and Sascha Misio, the creative minds and managing directors of Mischioff, are the masters behind every design in our diverse collections. Inspired by modern art, contemporary design and current fashion trends, the two designers have created their unique and characteristic design language over the last 30 years. Their visions bring a fresh, creative dynamic to the world of carpets.

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The visionary designs become reality at the Mischioff manufactory in Nepal. Only the highest quality natural materials are used, which are processed entirely by hand into exclusive carpets. Every thread, every color and every pattern is carefully selected and processed to create carpets that are not just floor coverings, but conveyors of a new feeling of space.


Your carpet team at Mischioff

Our constant endeavor at Mischioff is to offer our customers not just carpets, but true works of art for their rooms. The extensive support of our sales partners and a balanced price-performance ratio are a matter of course for us. Thanks to our efficient and flexible company structure, we are able to respond quickly and without detours to individual customer requests. We approach each request with the same level of care and dedication to create unparalleled carpet experiences.

Dani Misio

Sascha Misio

Michael Platzek
Project Manager

Daniel Kilian
Project Manager

If you have any questions or requests, we cordially invite you to contact us and discover how Mischioff enriches the world of carpets with heart and a sense of responsibility.

Design – Quality – Fair Trade

Even after four generations in the carpet trade, our philosophy at Mischioff remains dynamic: innovation is the key. As interior design adapts to new trends, the requirements for carpets have also changed. While the traditional craftsmanship, the heart of our work, has remained essentially unchanged, we have adapted to the wishes of our customers.

We attach particular importance to the idea of ​​fair trade – as a proud partner of “Label STEP”, Mischioff is committed to fair trade in handmade carpets. In this way, we ensure that each carpet is not only a visual masterpiece, but also symbolizes ethical commitment and social responsibility.

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When realizing new designs, Mischioff focuses on the visionary fusion of tradition, design and art in order to always realize innovative and fresh ideas. Experimenting with different, novel materials is not only a creative process, but also a way to explore additional dimensions of aesthetics. Our aim is to create high-quality, artistic carpets that write their own artistic story.

But above all, Mischioff carpets should be one thing: living works of art that enrich the ambience of a room in an exciting and artistic way and give them a unique, stylish touch.

Tibey Collection, Design TB36
Imagebild Designteppich Tibey Collection, Design TB36
Sichouk Collection, Design SI46
Seidenteppich Sichouk Collection, Design SI46
Nilanda Collection, Design NI45
Imagebild Designteppich der Nilanda Collection, Design NI45
Svarga Collection, Design SV02
Hochflor Seidenteppich Svarga Collection, Design SV02
Mamlin Collection, Design MA17
Imagebild Designteppich Mamlin Collection, Design MA17
Marouk Collection, Design MK50
Imagebild Berberteppich Marouk Collection, Design MK50
Circlism Collection, Design C05
Imagebild Designteppich Circlism Collection, Design C05

History of a family business

The Mischioff company was founded in 1948 with its headquarters in the Zurich Freilager and has since then developed into a major retailer of hand-knotted carpets Sandro Misio took over the company in 1967 from his father, who had already gained experience as a carpet retailer in Istanbul before founding the company in Switzerland.

The two brothers Dani and Sascha Misio have been managing the Mischioff AG business together since 2000. Sandro Misio, who died in 2020, was available to the company for many years as an expert on antique carpets and passed on his valuable knowledge to his sons.

GVZ Embraport - Gebäude B

In 2012, the company moved its location from the Zurich open-air warehouse to the GVZ Embraport, in close proximity to Zurich Airport. In 2018, Mischioff AG celebrates its 70th anniversary and looks back on an exciting and successful company history.

Another milestone was the move in 2021 to the new bonded warehouse building B, where a modern showroom with a gallery feel now presents the exquisite Mischioff carpets.