Tibey Uni Collection

A special highlight of our category Plain is the Tibey Uni Collection. In contrast to conventional plain rugs, these rugs have two colours, combined to create a fresh and varied plain carpet.

Despite the two different colours, the carpets have a single-coloured look due to the innovative knotting technique. The high-quality material combination as well as the exciting, exceptional structure create an exclusive design element. The Tibey Uni carpets are made of a combination of 50 % Himalayan highland wool and 50 % silk and are made in our innovative loop & cut knotting structure.

Diversified optics through innovative knotting technique

In the loop & cut knotting technique, the carpets are alternately knotted linearly in wool and silk, but only the silk lines being cut, the woolen lines remain closed and slightly in the background (loop). Thus, the woolen line is slightly, irregularly overlaid by the silk line and gleams gently through the silk base pile. This creates the fresh and shining appearance of these special plain rugs.

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Extraordinary Plain Rugs Made Of Wool And Silk

The carpets of the Tibey Uni Collection are made in Nepal and orderable in custom size as well as custom colours. Two colours have to be chosen: The background colour for the loops in wool as well as the main colour in silk. The colour of the overlying silk is the main tone for the carpet, irregularly drawn through by the woolen background colour. The Mischioff Colourchart offers around 900 different combinations and therefore the right choice for every object.

In addition to the special look, the feel of the Tibey Uni is a real experience. As the woolen line is slightly in the background, the pile feels like a pure silk carpet. The different pile heights also ensure a very modern structure. With approximately 160,000 knots per square meter, the natural materials are carefully knotted by hand to create these exclusive rugs. On request, the Tibey Uni rugs are also available in 100 % wool.

Colour Examples Tibey Uni Collection

Tibey Uni Collection

Product Details Tibey Uni Collection

  • knotting: Tibetan knotting technique, loop & cut
  • no. of knots: approx. 160.000 knots / m²
  • material: 50 % Himalayan highland wool & 50 % silk
  • pile height: approx. 7-10 mm
  • weight: approx. 3,3 kg / m²
  • origin: Nepal

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