The Rug Of The Month August 2016 – The Tibey Liara

As our rug of the month August 2016, we chose a very decorative designer rug: the Tibey Liara. This exceptional rug has a large variety of colours and a very subtle and harmonious look. Thanks to a special knotting technique, the modern patterns and colours are placed slightly in the background of the rug.

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The Rug Of The Month August 2016 – The Tibey Liara

Elegant And Discreet With A Particular Look

The Tibey Liara is part of our popular Tibey Collection and made of 50 % Himalayan highland wool and 50 % Chinese silk. The special loop & cut knotting technique is responsible for an exciting look and structure. Thanks to this special technique, our rug of the month feels like a pure silk carpet and provides a very elegant look.

Experienced weavers are knotting the rug alternately in wool and silk - the silk line is cut, but the wool line remains closed (loop). The actual design of the rug lays in the closed woolen line. Therefore, the design looks very discreet, shining slightly irregular though the pile, overlain by the silver-gray silk line.

The Rug Of The Month August 2016 – The Tibey LiaraThe Rug Of The Month August 2016 – The Tibey Liara

Look Closely!

This interaction and structure is the reason for the subtle and iridescent appearance of the Tibey Liara. The rug combines various shades

  • green
  • black
  • red
  • rose and
  • light blue

which get visibly only if you take a closer look. The look changes depending on the angle of view. The particular shine of the silk provides a very pleasant and elegant ambience in all living rooms.

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Order The Tibey Liara For Your Store Or Project!

If you want to offer a special Mischioff rug in your range, then you should decide to order the Tibey Liara. The pile height of this Nepal rug is 6 to 8 centimeters and its dimensions are 308 x 231 centimeters. Of course, the Tibey Liara is orderable in individual custom size – the production time is then about four months.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or requests about our rug of the month August 2016. We are looking forward to your inquiry – please contact us and we will advise you comprehensively.

Private customers can use our Where-To-Buy Search to find a local distributor. We will gladly help you to find an appropriate store in your area.