Rug Of The Month June 2017 – The Tibey Uni Multicolour

As our rug of the month June 2017, we like to present you the colorful yet discreet Tibey Uni Multicolour. The exceptional rug is part of the Tibey Uni Collection, an exclusive rug collection, which is very popular because of its particularly high silk content and the special loop & cut knotted technique. Thanks to the special knotting technique, this modern designer carpet has an exciting structure and exceptional appearance.

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Despite the numerous, radiant colours, the Tibey Uni Multicolour has a quiet appearance because of the light-beige silk lines, which are a few millimeters higher than the coloured woolen lines. The decorative, contrasting line structure provides a very modern effect. Thus, the carpet elegantly fits into various facilities.

Overlaying Colours

Our rug of the month June 2017 has got twelve intensive colours, which are slightly in the background of the carpet due to the special knotting technique. The powerful colours create a very decorative rainbow effect, which gleams through the pile.

The slightly irregular overlays also ensure an individual character. Like all rugs of the Tibey Uni Collection, the Tibey Uni Multicolour is manufactured by hand in a modern manufactory in Nepal by experienced weavers. With approximately 160,000 knots per square meter, the rug has a great quality.

High-Quality Fair Trade Carpet Made Of 50% Wool And Silk

The coloured lines are made of highest-quality Himalayan highland wool. These so-called loop lines are slightly overlaid by the higher silk lines, which makes the Tibey rugs feel like a pure silk carpet.

The Tibey Uni Multicolour is available directly from stock in various standard sizes and also orderable in individual custom size.

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