Rug of the Month January 2015 – the Thaila „Circlism“ silver-blue

Inspired by his own painting, designer and artist Dani Misio created the design "Circlism". Basing on the individual expression of nature and all living creatures, all circles are related in shape but differ in their colours – so each circle is a work of art itself. As composition, the about 2'500 circles create own symmetries and arrangements.

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The rhythmic play of these arrangements, which depends on the observer’s perspective and angle of view, is amplified by the use of the materials wool and silk. The model silver-blue is part of a small showing different color conceptions.

Creative design with philosophical background: With the unique color compositions of all 2500 circles, artist Dani Misio points out the individuality of every single living creature. In relaxing hours, these rug invites to dream and drift, as well as thought-provoking.

The implementation of circles is one of the most difficult weaving tasks and needs to be made very carefully and accurate. The use of best Himalayan highland wool and fine silk are important prerequisites for achieving the elegance of these rugs.

As a partner of Label STEP, we place special emphasis on sustainability and fair trade. Therefore, the socially acceptable and environmental friendly production of the design "Circlism" in a small manufactory in Nepal is a matter of course. Exceptional design and high-quality manufacture are the basis of all rugs made by Mischioff. This quality standard is shown by the Mischioff brand bands on the back of each carpet, which enjoys worldwide acceptance as a sign for high-quality rugs.

You are interested in a rug of our exclusive Thaila “Circlism” line? Our Rug of the Month is available for order in all sizes and in different colour conceptions. Please contact us for further information or register here for our online catalog, which shows the whole diversity of our rug collections. Right after activation you get the full insight into our great carpet world.