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Rug of the month

Teppich des Monats September 2017 – der Manshu Wild Jungle

In the jungle, the mighty jungle… – never before has a song lyrics described the design of a carpet more suitable! With the Manshu Wild Jungle, Mischioff brings the colourful floridity and the wildness of the jungle into the living room. Enjoy an amazing mix of flowers, leaves and tendrils, which grow through the carpets pile – our rug of the month September 2017 of the Manshu Collection is a special eye-catcher.

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Teppich des Monats August 2017 – der Marouk MK33

Did you know that many Berber families lived a nomadic or semi-nomadic life until into the 20th century? Some do this even to this day and the traditional carpet knotting is still part of their lifestyle and everyday activities in many regions. We pick up the theme of nomadic Berber carpets in a new look with our rug of the month August 2017.

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Teppich des Monats Juli 2017 – der Abramia AB04

For July, we decided to introduce you the Abramia AB04 as our new rug of the month. The design of this high-quality rug plays with the typically asymmetrical motifs of a classic Berber carpet. The Abramia AB04 has a discreet but fascinating look with its beige base colour with motifs in fresh blue and green tones. This beautiful, modern colour combination can be optimally combined with various facilities - whether modern, classic or in a country-house style.

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Teppich des Monats Juni 2017 – der Tibey Uni Multicolour

As our rug of the month June 2017, we like to present you the colorful yet discreet Tibey Uni Multicolour. The exceptional rug is part of the Tibey Uni Collection, an exclusive rug collection, which is very popular because of its particularly high silk content and the special loop & cut knotted technique. Thanks to the special knotting technique, this modern designer carpet has an exciting structure and exceptional appearance.

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Der Teppich des Monats Mai 2017 – der Nemoh Batik

As our new rug of the month May 2017 we present you a special piece: The exclusive woolen carpet Nemoh Batik inspires with its decorative batik pattern and the high-quality Himalayan highland wool, creating a modern living ambience in every room.

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Der Teppich des Monats April 2017 – der Sathi R1235-1

In the month of April 2017, we present you a very special rug made of 100 % Himalaya highland wool. It is characterized by a natural look and a particularly gentle pile. This is mainly due to the special wool blend: two thirds untreated raw wool and one third gentle and environmentally friendly dyed wool. The rug of the month is part of the new Sathi Collection, which inspires by a wide selection of woolen rugs with an attractive and rustic look.

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Der Teppich des Monats März 2017 – der Sichouk SI23

Our rug of the month of March 2017 is made of 100% finest silk and impresses with its soft, discreet and pastel colors with an elegant look. This designer is part of the new Sichouk Collection, which was has been presented in January at the international furniture fair IMM Cologne. The irresistible brilliance of the silk creates a highly decorative living ambience. The silk rug has a smooth appearance and is a real eye-catcher at the same time.

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Der Teppich des Monats Februar 2017 – der Nilanda NI05

This carpet has an elegant appearance and a gentle feel - it is made of about 70 percent of finest silk and 30 percent of Himalayan highland wool: The Nilanda NI05, the Mischioff rug of the month February 2017. This designer rug is part of the brand new Nilanda Collection, which was presented for the first time in January at the international furniture fair IMM Cologne 2017. The combination of Chinese silk with a small proportion of Himalayan highland wool ensures the fine accentuated design and creates a real eye-catcher especially for modern facilities.

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Der Teppich des Monats Januar 2017 – der Himal Bloob

Rumble in the jungle – we like to present you the Himal Bloob as our rug of the month in January 2017. This stunning rug is not only a real eye-catcher, but also has a stylish and lively look. The design shows a composition of flowers, leaves and vines, which are kept in gray and beige colors. The decorative design creates a floral feel-good atmosphere in every living room.

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Der Teppich des Monats Dezember 2016 – der Marouk MK20

Our rug of the month December 2016: we like to present you the design MK20 of the Marouk Collection. This collection has been a new addition to the carpet range at Mischioff since summer. The new collection presents different Berber carpets - reinterpreted and modernized. These rugs are characterized by a rustic appearance while at the same time extremely soft feel, which is ensured by the high-quality Himalayan highland wool. The knot count with around 90,000 knots per square meter optimally underlines the rustic look of these Berber carpets. The simple, graphic diamond motifs of the Marouk MK20, which are made of silk, correspond to the current furnishing trends, which at the moment show everything around rhombus and diamonds.

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