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Rug of the month

Teppich des Monats Januar 2015 – der Thaila „Circlism“ silver-blue

Inspired by his own painting, designer and artist Dani Misio created the design "Circlism". Basing on the individual expression of nature and all living creatures, all circles are related in shape but differ in their colours – so each circle is a work of art itself. As composition, the about 2'500 circles create own symmetries and arrangements.

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Teppich des Monats Dezember 2014 – der Simia C2628

Our rug of the month December 2014 is part of the Simia Collection, which includes rugs with rather simple, contemporary designs. Within this collection, the size, colours and the quantity of silk are freely selectable. Therefore, the Simia Collection is quite useful for customized orders and individual projects.

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Teppich des Monats November 2014 – der Juma Colori „coleurs d'automne“

The rug of the Month November 2014 is part of Mischioff’s Juma Colori Collection, which shows rather simple, restrained and individual stripe designs in warm, vibrant colours. The wool of all rugs of this collection is coloured with all-natural vegetable dyes – a bit different than Mischioff’s Juma Collection, which is made of 100% natural undyed wool.

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Teppich des Monats Oktober 2014 – der Simia C2190

The Simia Collection is currently Mischioff's newest collection and shows contemporary, rather simple designs, which can be configured individually. Within the collection, the size, colours and the quantity of silk are freely selectable, making the Simia Collection ideal for individual custom orders or projects. A good example for this variably is the design C2190, which can be adapt to a variety of interior styles, providing a pleasant living environment.

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Teppich des Monats September 2014 – der Kamla Mamluk (M-7a)

The Kamla Collection shows filigree and neo-classical motifs, reinterpreted by the two designers Dani and Sascha Misio by choosing fresh, contemporary colours. A very special transformation shows our Rug of the Month September: The Kamla Mamluk (M-7a) demonstrates how a 700 years old design can become a modern home accessory by the correct application of contemporary colours. Thanks to this new modern look, the rug can be perfectly integrated in a variety of living styles.

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Teppich des Monats August 2014 – der Tibey CX2487

All Mischioff rugs are high-quality handicraft – and the Tibey CX2487 is a very special eye catcher with its exciting structure and the nice variety of colours. The noble silk rugs from the Tibey Collection fit perfectly into upscale modern living styles as well as into rooms decorated in a vintage style.

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Teppich des Monats Juli 2014 – der Nemoh Refreshed “Blue Ocean“

All rugs of Mischioff's Nemoh Refreshed Collection are exclusive unique pieces. Thanks to its bright colours, the Nemoh Refreshed "Blue Ocean" is a very special eye-catcher. The modern design with the amazing colours can be arranged perfectly in modern living facilities, especially in homes and apartments decorated in a vintage style.

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Teppich des Monats Juni 2014 – der Manshu 1608

All pieces of Mischioff's Manshu Collection are robust carpets with unique designs – and the Manshu 1608 is a very special eye-catcher. The patchwork design fits perfectly into sophisticated and contemporary interiors - whether classic or vintage style. These particular patchwork carpets impress in large rooms with minimalist furniture and appear like a painting on the floor.

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Teppich des Monats Mai 2014 – Patchwork-Kilim Union Jack

All pieces of Mischioff's Patchwork Kilim Collection are exclusive and individual unique pieces – and the popular motif “Union Jack” is a very special eye catcher. This design can be arranged in various kinds of living and decoration styles and creates a modern living environment.

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Teppich des Monats April 2014 – der Himal Rainbow (47)

The designer carpet Himal Rainbow (47) shows an unique design and presents abstract art on carpets. Like all rug collections of Mischioff, this carpet is made out of the best natural materials: High-quality Himalayan highland wool combined with the finest silk guarantees the final product's exclusivity. The Himal Rainbow (47) is completely handmade in one of our manufactories in Nepal, always in compliance with the Fair trade idea, controlled by our Fair trade partner Label STEP.

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