Rug Of The Month July 2022: Back To The Future – Shaggy Plain ARS G016

When a new collection is released in the fashion world, models are decked out with it and sent down the catwalk. Celebrities watch, applaud and cheer. Months of work is finally visible. It's no different with a new carpet collection. The fashions and trends are just a little less fast-moving and the catwalks are usually exhibitions and fairs. Or sometimes texts like this one.

So please take a seat, dear readers, make yourself comfortable, we are about to present the brand new carpet collection from the Swiss label Mischioff: the Shaggy Plain Collection. The first Lyocell carpets by the designer duo Dani and Sascha Misio. First, consider the Shaggy Plain ARS G016, which pays homage to our unique planet Earth with its soft brown. Protecting and preserving this is the mission and message of the Shaggy Plain ARS G016, the rug of the month for July 2022.

Future Is Always What We Make Of It

Lyocell is a new type of cellulose fiber that is 100 percent biodegradable. The manufacturing process is particularly environmentally friendly and has been awarded the European Environmental Prize. In accordance with the requirements of the circular economy, everything is recycled in the production of lyocell. There is no waste and no environmentally harmful materials are used. The starting material, the wood of eucalyptus trees, also comes from sustainable forestry. This is how an industrially manufactured fiber is created from natural raw materials, the properties of which are ideal for weaving high-quality, durable and incredibly beautiful carpets.

The lyocell rug Shaggy Plain ARS G016 is a product that combines the ancient art of rug weaving with a future-oriented fiber. In addition, it takes up a chic style that was already popular in the 70s and 80s of the last century, the high pile. At 30 millimeters, the carpets in the new collection are all real shaggy carpets. So the Shaggy Plain travels through time, combining the best of traditional craftsmanship and modern rug making to make the future one we all enjoy living in. Sustainability has found a new standard with these shaggy rugs.

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Shaggy Plain ARS G016

Shaggy Structure And Silky Shine

The Shaggy Plain ARS G016 has the shine of a silk rug and the warming effect of a wool rug. The lyocell fiber is particularly tear-resistant, making the rug a durable home accessory. The light falling on the high pile plays with the fibers like the wind with trees and lets the delicate brown shimmer in numerous nuances. This gives the carpet an expressive liveliness and vitality that transforms every room.

The room climate is also influenced very positively due to the extraordinary ability of the lyocell fiber to absorb moisture. A living room or bedroom equipped with a Shaggy Plain rug always takes its occupants on a short walk in the woods.

Where The Future Is Made

Like all Mischioff carpets, the Shaggy Plain rugs are hand-knotted in our manufactory in Nepal. Since the knot density is not quite as high as that of our pure silk or new wool carpet collections, the production takes less time. After about two and a half months, a Shaggy Plain is ready.

The employees of the Swiss certification label STEP are also on site in Nepal. They monitor the sustainability of the entire manufacturing process and ensure that all carpets are produced under fair conditions. With our Shaggy Plain ARS G016, we are presenting the first lyocell rug from Mischioff, which combines everything from sustainable fiber production to fair manufacturing that protects our planet and does not burden future generations.

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Product Details Of Shaggy Plain ARS G016

  • Collection: Shaggy Plain
  • Color: ARS G016
  • Material: 100 % lyocell
  • Quality: Shaggy hand-knotted
  • Sizes: orderable in individual custom sizes
  • Pile Height: ca. 30 mm
  • Weight: ca. 3,0 kg / m2
  • Origin: Nepal

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