Rug Of The Month June 2022: A Rug Full O Stories – Svarga SV08

The history of silk begins more than 5,000 years ago in China. For many centuries, the Chinese were able to keep the secret of its origin and production secret. On the famous Silk Road, those beginnings date back to the first century B.C., not only goods were traded, but also stories. It has always been a human need to understand the inexplicable. And where there are no answers, he invents them.

The most beautiful stories, fairy tales, myths and legends have their origin in the inexplicability of the world. And Marco Polo never tires of mentioning the countless pieces of music and storytellers on the Silk Road in his reports. With our rug of the month June, the Svarga SV08, we pay homage to the tradition of storytelling and the fine art of silk-making in China.

A High-Pile Rug Made Of Pure Silk

The Svarga SV08 is a high-pile pure silk carpet that is made exclusively by hand. And as modern as this design carpet may appear, there is a whole series of ancient myths and legends in it, which alone the precious material silk brings with it.

When the first caravans set out from east to west, laden with the precious silk fabric, their way led through the inhuman Chinese Taklamakan desert and over the snow-capped passes of the Pamir Mountains. The journey from China to the Mediterranean took several years and new routes, new intermediate stations and trading camps were always created. What is now called the Silk Road is actually a network of thousands of routes.

The colors of our Svarga SV08 silk rug are reminiscent of the caravan routes of bygone times. The shimmering white beige, which gently glides over into darker beige and blue tones, slowly gives way to the first gray and blue tones and finally disappears into a glittering black-violet. So the Svarga SV08 tells the stories of the starry night skies, the snowy mountain peaks and the sun-drenched sands of the desert. And he tells it with an eerie and almost mystical radiance and magic, as if non-human beings had actually been at work here.

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Svarga SV08

Spun Myth

The people of that time who held the precious element silk in their hands for the first time also believed in magic. It had to be birds from paradise or divine animals that brought such a substance to earth. Do we know how it really was? How might people have reacted when they realized that a small caterpillar was the origin of a cultural history that continues to this day?

It is said that two monks first smuggled some silkworm eggs into Byzantium. Supposedly in their walking sticks. But even if this was the beginning of silk production outside of China, the quality of Chinese silk is unmatched to this day. There is a secret in Chinese silk that can only be felt through sensual experience. Looking at the material with your eyes, touching it with your hands, laying a high-pile silk rug in your favorite room and then listening to the stories - it can't possibly be a little caterpillar.

Carpet Trade Without Robbers And Guns

Caravans no longer travel today, no robbers with pistols lurk on the trade routes, and deserts and mountains are easily conquered. Today there are other challenges in the production and trade of carpets around the world. Mischioff rugs like the Svarga SV08 are hand-knotted in the manufactory in Nepal for months. The top priority at Mischioff is to ensure the safety and well-being of the weavers.

With a partner like the Swiss fair trade label STEP, this works extremely well. Fair trade means that everything is fair and transparent, from the procurement of the raw silk, through the first spun silk thread to the finished rug, which ultimately lies with you on your premises. A task that we are happy to take on with great care. You can be sure that we don't create any myths in these matters and we don't let ourselves be told any fairy tales.

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The SV08 of our Svarga Collection is manufactured in the standard size of 300 x 230 centimeters as well as in individual custom sizes. With our virtual sampling service you can experience how the Svarga SV08 transforms your space and makes it very special.

Or order a carpet sample, then see and feel immediately how unique such a pure silk carpet is. Whatever we can do for you, please let us know and get in touch with us today.

Product Details Of Svarga SV08

  • Collection: Svarga
  • Design: SV08
  • Material: 100 % silk high-pile 20 mm
  • Quality: ca. 160.000 knots/m², Tibetan knot
  • Sizes: orderable in individual custom sizes
  • Pile Height: ca. 20 mm
  • Weight: ca. 5,0 kg / m²
  • Origin: Nepal

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