Rug Of The Month April 2022: A Character Piece – Tibey Uni ARS1A11-ARS4J01

We are ringing in April and with it the beginning of spring with a true character piece. The Tibey Uni ARS1A11-ARS4J01 now complements the unique Mischioff Plain Collection, which is defined by clear structures and monochromacity.

Calling the combination of two colors uni-coloured may sound daring at first, but the special loop & cut knotting technique allows for this risk. Viewed from a distance, the rug appears to be monochromatic, but on closer inspection the second, deeper color can be recognized.

Strong Appearance And Elegant Effect

This extraordinary interplay of two colors is further enhanced by the use of two materials. Highland wool from the Himalayas and silk from China harmonize here in perfection and make this Tibey Uni a real character piece that gives every room a pleasant, soothing aura and also creates a room climate in which one can live well and happily.

Two colors and two materials give this plain rug an incomparable and expressive look. This is made possible by the loop & cut knotting technique, in which wool and silk lines are weaved alternately and only the silk line is cut open. The closed wool line (loop) remains in the background and only shimmers here and there through the higher lying silk.

This knotting technique gives the rug the properties of both materials: the extraordinary shine and the flattering feel of a pure silk carpet paired with the durability and robustness of a wool rug.

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Tibey Uni ARS1A11-ARS4J01

High-Quality Natural Materials Decoratively Combined

The new wool, a natural material given to us by the sheep high up in the Himalayas, has a moisture-regulating effect, is odor-inhibiting and is a first-class footfall sound insulation. The shimmering and shiny silk determines the effect of this design carpet. It plays with the incidence of light and shows a different but always fascinating face at any time of the day. The field of tension that the entire composition of this rug creates - through the contrast of the colors or the contrast of the materials - captivates the gaze of every viewer. And yet this field of tension then dissolves into a sense of well-being that can be felt throughout the room.

The noble cream white of the silky surface gives the feeling of openness and width. Smaller rooms in particular gain clarity through this color scheme. On the other hand, the warm floor covering gives larger rooms a lot of comfort and cosiness. Our Tibey Uni ARS1A11-ARS4J01 is indeed a rug that enhances the positive qualities of any room. This is exactly what makes it a true character piece.

Fairly Manufactured

It is said that a person's character is determined by their actions. Fair carpet production is a matter of course for Mischioff. All rugs that are made in the manufactory in Nepal are Label STEP certified. This means that the focus here is on the people involved in production. These people have a unique craftsmanship and only through this is it possible to realize such unique fair trade carpets as the Mischioff creations.

Ensuring that these people have good working conditions, that they are paid fairly, that families, especially children, can attend schools and kindergartens is the focus of the Swiss certification label STEP.

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We make this Tibey Uni as a custom-made product for each of your rooms. Of course, we will support you in finding the right rug dimensions. You are welcome to use our virtual sampling service. Simply send us a photo of the intended room and we will virtually place the rug in it. This allows a very good first impression of the right size and the subsequent spatial effect.

Customization like this always takes a bit of time. You can expect a delivery time of between three and four months. In the standard size of 300 x 230 centimeters, the Tibey Uni ARS1A11-ARS4J01 is usually on stock and the delivery times are therefore much shorter. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Product Details Of Tibey Uni ARS1A11-ARS4J01

  • Collection: Tibey Uni
  • Design: C333-ARS1A11-ARS4J01
  • Material: 50 % silk & 50 % Himalayan highland wool
  • Quality: ca. 160.000 knots/m², Tibetan knot, loop & cut
  • Maße: orderable in individual custom sizes
  • Pile Height: ca. 7 - 9 mm
  • Weight: ca. 3,5 kg / m²
  • Origin: Nepal

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