Rug Of The Month July 2021: Master Of Discreet Aesthetics - The Mamlin MA17

Once again we are entering the extraordinary world of our Mamlin collection with our rug of the month for July. With the Mamlin MA17, this collection has now been enriched by a work of art that, with its subtle grace, has already found many enthusiasts in a short time.

A design carpet weaved in equal parts from highland wool and silk, the color scheme restrained and yet concise, the stripe pattern simple at first glance, on closer inspection a painting made up of thousands of brushstrokes.

Like An Unobtrusive Smile

Dani Misio is not only the managing director and designer at Mischioff, his great hobby is painting. While painting and carpet design are otherwise two separate areas, they flow into one another in the Mamlin collection. His stripe pictures on canvas were and are a source of inspiration and a model for the Mamlin rugs, all of which are based on the stripe design in different colors. However, transferring the canvas art onto a carpet is a very special challenge and requires several months of manual labor for each Mamlin rug. Therein lies the secret for the uniqueness of these modern rugs.

The Mamlin MA17 lies there calmly and cautiously, ensnaring the viewer in its silver-gray color with elegance and looking like an unobtrusive smile that inspires the senses and leaves plenty of room for the imagination. Despite the lines, the rug does not appear static. It is the lively interplay of harmonious color transitions and fine lines that is particularly expressed through the special knotting technique and the materials used.

With the loop & cut technique, the black wool lines made of pure Himalayan highland wool lay in the background, which contrast the higher-lying, silvery-gray shimmering silk lines. The wool is almost hidden in the underground, providing stability and step resistance, whereas the silk on the surface gives the designer rug grace and a particularly soft feel. In this way, technology and material are able to transform what was once created from brushstrokes on a canvas into a carpet that is in no way inferior to that of a painting.

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Mamlin MA17

Hands Create Art

But the technology alone is not enough, you also need the hands that can use it. Rugs of such high quality of a Mamlin MA17 are made entirely by hand in the Mischioff manufactory in Nepal. But before the weaving is started here, the required colors and the weaving yarn are first made.

After the yarn has been dyed, the weaving process, which lasts several months, begins. This is followed by the so-called finishing. The sides of the rugs get linked, the fibers are cut to a level, the carpet is washed, dried and stretched. All steps of this process are carefully controlled and are subject to constant quality checks.

Good Working Conditions, Fair Wages

But just as we take care of the quality of our carpets, we also keep an eye on the working conditions in the manufactory. The Swiss fair trade label STEP supports us on site. The STEP employees not only control the entire value chain, they also support the weavers in making the work in the manufactory a solid basis for social interaction.

School education for the children, care for the very little ones, fair wages for the weavers, safety at work and the advocacy of labor rights - these are all things that Mischioff and STEP implement together and for which Mischioff certifies their fair trade rugs.

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The Mamlin MA17 is manufactured in a standard size 300 x 230 centimeters. Many of our rugs are available for immediate delivery in this size. But of course a Mamlin MA17 can also be produced in any custom size. The production time for a custom-made carpet is around three to four months.

The entire Mamlin Collection was created on the basis of the striped pictures by Dani Misio. So the design is always similar, but the color scheme varies. Feel free to browse through the collection and contact us if you have any questions. We, or your local Mischioff retailer, can help you choosing the right carpet size and color.

Product Details Of Mamlin MA17

  • Collection: Mamlin
  • Design: MA17
  • Material: 50 % silk and 50 % Himalayan highland wool
  • Quality: ca. 160.000 knots/m², Tibetan knot, loop & cut
  • Sizes: Standard 300 x 230 cm, orderable in individual custom sizes
  • Pile Height: ca. 7 - 9 mm
  • Weight: ca. 3,5 kg / m²
  • Origin: Nepal

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