Rug Of The Month April 2021: A Star Enters The Stage – Nilanda NI41

The Mischioff Nilanda collection has been launched in 2017. It combines masterpieces of carpet design that are predominantly weaved from pure silk combined with a small percentage of highland wool to accentuate the design.

And now, in April 2021, a new star will see our Nilanda stage. We’re going to vote him our rug of the month, because like no other he needs the applause and the spotlight. And that's exactly what he deserves.

Curtain Up!

The color scheme, material and design of the Nilanda NI41 create a presence that is worthy of a large show stage. This design carpet plays with its audience. He lures, he enchants and pulls everyone under his spell. Its silvery, shimmering surface sprays sparks into every room, illuminates it and creates a fascinating tension through the contrasting black. This tension continues on many levels.

Although dramaturgy is a term used in theater theory, our Nilanda NI41 meets all the requirements for a world-class play. The material from which dreams are made, the fine Chinese silk, creates a backdrop that perfectly sets the stage for the action. And there on the stage, deep gray, black and silver tones on a sand-colored background enter into a dialogue and vie for the audience's favor. Occasionally, highland wool enters the parquet, sets accents, maintains tension and directs the line of sight.

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Nilanda NI41

Invitation To Participate

In narrative terms, our Nilanda NI41 spans the range from classic carpet ornamentation with a central medallion to vintage design and modern carpet art, which creates completely new carpet experiences without forgetting the traditions. These experiences definitely involve the audience as co-creators.

As a result, a rug is not just an object to be seen, but an invitation to participate, empathize and help shape. Whoever decides to equip rooms with a Nilanda NI41 also determines the always open and expandable dramaturgy of this gem.

Behind The Scenes

While the stage directions for the Mischioff carpets are being made in the Swiss design office, weavers in far-away Nepal are busy making art come to life from these instructions. This requires great attention and skill in all work steps.

The Swiss certification label STEP is like the stage orchestra and ensures that work can be carried out under fair and livable conditions. STEP supports families who are employed in carpet production, it controls suppliers and ensures fair and sustainable conditions throughout the process.

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This is the only way to finally create a rug that can endure on all stages in the world; In which the fine threads of the Chinese silk together with the coarser threads of the highland wool form a connection at the highest level of art, and always give its owner the feeling of being part of a very special performance.

300 x 230 centimeters is the standard size of the Nilanda NI41. But no matter what stage you want to give this extraordinary carpet, it adapts and can be ordered in any desired size. Our virtual sampling service is helpful when choosing the right rug. To take advantage of this, you just have to send us a photo of the room and we will put the carpet inside. Feel free to talk to us and we will be happy to help

Product Details Of Nilanda NI41

  • Collection: Nilanda
  • Design: NI41
  • Material: ca. 70 % silk und 30 % highland wool
  • Quality: ca. 160.000 knots/m², Tibetan knot
  • Sizes: Standard 300 x 230 cm, orderable in individual custom sizes
  • Pile Height: ca. 8 - 9 mm
  • Weight: ca. 3,7 kg / m²
  • Origin: Nepal

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