Rug Of The Month February 2021: The Old In The New – The Circlism C22

The carpet brand Mischioff exists for three generations. Founded by the grandfather of the two current managing directors, Dani and Sascha Misio, after World War II in Switzerland, formed by the father into one of the leading carpet wholesalers and expanded by the two sons to a globally recognized carpet design house.

In hardly any of the numerous rug collections are tradition and change as visible as in the Circlism Collection. Our rug of the month February, a month in which the old year can still be felt but the new year is already full of energy, is therefore the Circlism C22.

The Colours Of A Thousand And One Nights

The Circlism C22 is really not a classic oriental carpet and yet the roots can be felt. The geometric style, the focus on the circle, the hint of the ornament in the center, the lines and colors and, last but not least, the knotting technique and choice of materials - the old is always present in the new. And only those who know the old can create the new with creative power.

Deep, matt shimmering blue and nocturnal black are the basis against which the almost evenly arranged colored circles stand out. They shine brightly in the dark. They almost seem to flicker and sparkle, as if they were in motion. Orange, gray, brown, beige, green and white mix on the color palette to create a cheerful atmosphere. The circles are broken through again and again, are not clearly delimited from the background, and often blur with it.

In this way they remind of the stories from the Thousand and One Nights, which Scheherazade told the king night after night. She never finished a story, but always told the end the following night, when she immediately started the new one. With this never-ending cycle in which the old is replaced by the new, she finally ensured her survival.

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Circlism C22

A Rug To Take Off

In the stories from A Thousand and One Nights, flying carpets are actually rare, but with the Circlism C22 you book a sightseeing flight through carpet history. It takes several months for a design carpet like the Circlism C22 to be completely manufactured. To weave the circles with the different colors by hand is only possible with the greatest dexterity.

The Tibetan knot is a type of knot in which a rod is placed in front of the warp over the entire width of the rug. The yarn is first looped around two threads of the warp and then around the rod. The knots are formed when the loops get cut. With this very special knotting technique, even complex designs such as the Circlism C22 can be effectively implemented.

Traditional Handicraft – Fairly Traded

Hundreds of years ago, the Tibetan art of weaving carpets was brought to Nepal and continued there. The Mischioff manufactories are also at home in Nepal and follow this tradition. Maintaining the special artistry of the weavers working there is a top priority.

Fair working conditions, fair wages, schooling for the children and always keeping an eye on people and their environment - this is why Mischioff signed up to the STEP fair trade label a long time ago, which enables precisely this maxim to be implemented. The origin of the materials used and the suppliers are also constantly checked. And only in this way is it possible to meet the requirements and quality standards at Mischioff. Quality and humanity characterize the Nepal rugs, which ultimately become lifelong companions for our customers.

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The standard size for the Circlism C22 is 300 x 230 centimeters, besides that, custom-made products in completely individual sizes are possible. The Mischioff team as well as local retail partners will be happy to help you find the ideal carpet size. Our virtual sampling service is also a useful tool when choosing the right carpet.

You send us a photo and we will visualize your dream carpet. The entire Circlism collection is based on the painted pictures by Dani Misio. You will surely find your favorite rug among the more than 20 color variations. Take a look at the collection. Whenever you need answers, please feel free to contact us.

Product Details Of Circlism C22

  • Collection: Circlism
  • Design: C22
  • Material: 100 % Himalayan highland wool, partly with silk
  • Quality: ca. 160.000 knots/m², Tibetan knot
  • Sites: Standard 300 x 230 cm, orderable in individual custom sizes
  • Pile Height: ca. 10 mm
  • Weight: ca. 4,0 kg / m²
  • Origin: Nepal

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