Rug Of The Month December 2019: Completely Detached – The Nilanda NI34

Presented to the audience at the International Interior Design exhibition "neue räume" in Zurich a few days ago, we choose the design rug Nilanda NI34 as our new rug of the month. The new design was enthusiastically received by lovers of the abstract and the modern. The pattern of the rug, freed of any graphic order, becomes a total work of art thanks to the harmonious coloring.

We were particularly impressed by the description of a well-traveled lady who compared our carpet with a magical desert walk. We found the picture so beautiful that we would like to trace it here with our words.

A Magical Desert Walk

"I have traveled to many countries and cities, but nothing has fascinated and touched me as much as the desert. Endless wideness, which at first glance reveal nothing but wasteland and barren. Only when you look closely is the magic tangible. A play of colours and shapes, all of which seem to dance completely detached from each other, but which are nevertheless part of a great order.

Craggy rocks that dissolve in soft areas – bushes, which stretch their branches laboriously towards the glittering waterhole. I have never been able to discover the traces of life, including my own, anywhere else in the world, as in my walks through the desert. The desert is pure magic. Your carpet reminds me a lot of the magic of this landscape."

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Nilanda NI34

Artist In The Triggering Of Emotions

The Nilanda NI34 is a true artist in triggering emotions, so much that he can cast a spell over and make the viewer discover something very special. Many components have to fit together perfectly to create a work of art of comparable effectiveness: the creative power of our designer Dani Misio, the craftsmanship of our carpet weavers in Nepal and, of course, the highest quality materials.

The Nilanda NI34 is made from 75 percent high-quality Chinese silk and 25 percent Himalayan highland wool. The light beige surfaces of the rug are made of highland wool and thus set attractive accents in the design. Both optically and haptically, these surfaces differ from the silky rest and give the rug a very special contour.

Fair Cooperation For Sustainable Products

The NI34 gains its elegance and gentleness due to the high proportion of silk. Inimitable flattering with every touch and irresistible in the shine. With a knot density of 160.000 knots per square meter, the rug has a very high knot density. You can confidently take some walks on the Nilanda NI34 without worrying about signs of wear. Even after years of use this wonderful rug will flatter you as on the first day.

All Mischioff carpets, and of course the Nilanda NI34, are manufactured in a certified manufactory in Nepal. Certification means that the emphasis is on fair working conditions and on the sustainable use of nature. We are committed to a fair relationship between man and nature and are convinced that every work of art reflects the emotions with which it is created.

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The standard size of this extraordinary carpet is 300 x 230 centimeters. It can be ordered in any desired size. Your retailer will be pleased to help you determine the ideal size for your premises. If you would like to take a look at the other rugs in the Nilanda collection: Nilanda collection by Mischioff.

With the help of our sampling service you can also see how the rug will look in your personal interior. Whatever we can do for you, please let us know and contact us today.

Product Details Of Nilanda NI34

  • Collection: Nilanda

  • Design: SNI34

  • Material: ca. 75 % silk and 25 % Himalayan highland wool

  • Quality: ca. 160.000 kots/m2, Tibetan knot

  • Sizes: standard size 300 x 230 cm, orderable in individual custom sizes

  • Pile Height: ca. 8-9 mm

  • Weight: ca. 3,7 kg / m2

  • Origin: Nepal

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