Mischioffs Rug Of The Month September 2018: The Nilanda NI26

The quality carpets of the Nilanda collection are characterized by a high proportion of silk and round off the assortment of the brand Mischioff with artistic designs. In the NI26 model, the absence of clear lines and patterns creates a particularly captivating overall look. We summarize why the rug of the month September is an enrichment for every living environment.

Abstract Art Enriches The Floor

The Nilanda Collection includes exceptional rugs created by the designers Dani and Sascha Misio. The home accessories meet the highest demands and leave nothing to be desired with their magnificent appearance. The NI26 rug sets it apart: unlike the Nilanda NI12 or NI02 models, the designers have completely renounced classic lines. There is no patterning, no repeating graphics. Instead, the viewer can let his imagination run wild, detached from any schema and graphic orders.

The design looks like a unique work of art, whose creator devoted himself entirely to his creative streams while designing. The exciting contrasts between black, restrained gray and the different earth tones give the impression of short brush strokes, which the artist has applied energetically. The balanced colour choice with the gentle transitions, the rugs owes its pleasantly warm character. The result is a decorative piece of jewelry for creating modern living environments.

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Nilanda NI26

Silk And Himalayan Highland Wool For Luxurious Quality

75 percent of Chinese silk transform the Nilanda NI26 into an exclusive carpet with the finest sheen and soft pile. The natural material also has a positive influence on the feel: the surface feels inviting and makes walking a great experience. The Himalayan highland wool serves as a style element and ensures that the rug with its excellent material properties is extremely easy to care. The black has been carefully incorporated into the highland wool and gives the carpet a welcome dynamic, both visually and haptically.

Pick up the colours of the design and skillfully stage Nilanda NI26! Among other things, camel-coloured upholstered furniture with dark brown cushions are excellent companions. The same applies to black metal, velvet and wood. As a matter of principle, you can enjoy creative freedom with this designer rug. In an urban loft, it provides visual appeal as much as in a minimalist hotel or a villa in industrial design.

Handmade Guarantees Longevity

All Mischioff rugs are handcrafted by experienced weavers in our manufactory in Nepal. They conscientiously process the raw materials according to the templates of the designers. The handcraft takes several months. The Nilanda Collection uses the Tibetan knot. This elaborate weave, combined with around 160,000 knots per square meter, ensures sturdy structures that are unimpressed by everyday strains.

However, Mischioff does not only value design, precision and quality. The responsible treatment of people and the environment are also a matter of course for the company. The fair wages and working conditions have already been certified by the independent fair trade label STEP. Regular checks ensure consistent conditions. The use of substances of concern is deliberately avoided in order to protect employees and the climate. In addition, we use resources sparingly, which also has an impact on the ecobalance of the rug manufacturer.

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Take advantage of the attractive features of Nilanda NI26 and add an object with incomparable charm to your assortment! Persuade your clients or equip special projects as a furnishing expert: With this rug you are well advised. With selected natural materials, clean workmanship and superior design, you can look forward to uncompromising exclusivity.

You have the choice between the standard dimensions 300 x 230 and 250 x 185 centimeters. You need an individual size? Of course we realize custom size requests! You would like to know more about the Nilanda NI26? The product is presented in the current Mischioff Catalog, which you can request directly online for free. Private customers can find regional contact persons via the retailer search.

Product Details Of Nilanda NI26

  • Collection: Nilanda

  • Design: NI26

  • Material: ca. 25 % Himalayan highland wool & 75 % silk

  • Quality: ca. 160.000 knots/m2, Tibetan knot

  • Sizes: Standard 300 x 230 cm, orderable in individual custom sizes

  • Pile Height: ca. 9 mm

  • Weight: ca. 3,7 kg / m2

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