Rug of the Month July 2015 – the Kiano Kelim Red Sofreh

As our rug of the month July 2015, we like to introduce you to the hand-woven Kiano Kelim Red Sofreh. This kilim is made of 100% Persian virgin wool and manufactured in the Iran. Modern flat woven fabrics with creative designs are currently in high demand in the interiors of houses and apartments. On the one hand, these kilims represent a cheaper alternative to the cost-intensive, hand-knotted carpets, on the other hand they inspire with a trendy appearance; a slightly rustic look but highly decorative. The Kiano Kelim Collection is a brand new product in Mischioff’s range of exclusive handmade carpets and a nice addition in the field of modern flat woven fabrics.

Modern Woven Carpets Bring Atmosphere into the House

As all Mischioff products, the flat fabrics of the Kiano Kelim Collection are entirely made by hand. Thanks to the high-quality wool, the kilims are robust and easy-care. The wool is processed carefully and dyed with all natural vegetable dyes. These kilims are weaved on special looms in a maximum width of one meter and artfully sewn together in the particular desired size.

Therefore, each combination creates an individual look and a beautiful play of colours. Each Kiano Kelim has a unique charm and provides a charming atmosphere in every room. Additionally, thanks to the use of different colours in the warps and wefts, every kilim has individual and artful colour effects.

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Kiano Kelim Red Sofreh

The Kiano Kilim Red Sofreh combines discreet main colours with a fresh, red-striped center field. This combination fits perfectly into different decorating styles and provides a comfortable atmosphere in any living room. All Kiano Kelim are weaved very finely with a pile height of only two to three millimeters.

The kilims are very light with a weight of only one kilogram per square meter. Therefore, the Kiano Kelim are quickly and easily to move or put together. Used on a wooden or stone floor, we recommend a non-slip pad to ensure a secure hold in one place.

Decorative Handwoven Designer Kilims

With its size of 259 x 223 cm, the Kiano Kilim Red Sofreh has a practical size for different living situations. Generally, the flat woven fabrics of our Kiano Kelim Collection are available from stock in a wide selection of different sizes and colour versions.

Furthermore, it is possible to order the Kiano Kelim in individual custom size – please contact us, we look forward to assist you comprehensively and competently. Private customers can use our retailer-search to find a local distribution partner for the Kiano Kelim or our other rug collections.

Product Details of Kiano Kelim Red Sofreh

  • Collection: Kiano Kelim

  • Design: Red Sofreh

  • Material: 100 % Persian highland wool

  • Quality: handwoven

  • Sizes: 259 x 223 cm, unique item

  • Pile Height: ca. 3 mm

  • Weight: ca. 1,5 kg / m2

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